Old Mantel Clock.

No One Has The Time

I have this old mantle clock that belonged to my mom. My dad gave it to me years ago after mom had passed away.

I have mixed emotions about having it. I love it because it was hers, but it also holds some bad memories.

You see it chimes. Nothing elaborate. It counts out the hour and rings once on the half. Or at least it used to. Now you never know what number it will ring.

The only bad feelings about it comes from the fact that when my mother was home dying from cancer she asked that it be unplugged. Hearing the hours count down really angered and frightened her.

Still, I want to get it fixed so we can remember the good hours we had with her.

I took it to a local clock shop the other day.

"I know this has no particular value as a clock, but it was my Mom's and I need to get it fixed," I said to the shop owner.

I went on to describe the problem.

"We get a lot of these in. Here's what I do. We remove the clock works and replace it with a battery operated movement that chimes electronically. It will cost about $135.00," he told me.

"You can't fix this?"

"No, we don't have the time nor the parts."

I thanked him and went home. I called a few other places and was told the same thing.

"How incredibly sad," I told the last one.

We've become a society that replaces craftmanship with convenience and easy fixes. We copy the original instead of creating one. We replace handcrafted with machine cut. We duplicate instead of originate.

It sounds so much like life itself.

Each of us is an original, one of a kind, but we find it so much easier to copy another style than to develop our own.

We are "wanna be's" rather than "hey, world, look at me!"

We fail to see the real value in who we are, so we spend our life trying to be someone else.

So, this beautiful hand crafted clock will one day be deemed useless. Not because it couldn't be fixed. It's just easier not to. Imagine for a moment if this happened with people. Someone comes into a hospital with a failing heart, kidney, liver or other vital part and the doctor said, "Sorry, we can't fix this...we don't have the parts!"

Wait. That does happen.


Because we don't have enough organ donors.

People would rather die with all their parts to rot in a grave rather than leave them to save someone's life.

Oddly, when asked why more people don't sign up to become an organ donor it's for the same reason... "No one has the time!"

Make time before your clock stops working! For more information visit the "Organ Donor" site: www.organdonor.gov/

"I wish you enough!"
~ Bob Perks ~

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[ by: Bob Perks Copyright © 2010 (2believe@comcast.net) -- {used with permission} ]

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