Three boys and a dog.

No One Lives Forever

I just set her down on the floor. She came to me about ten minutes ago and scratched at my leg as I was sitting here working at the computer.

It couldn't be a worse time. I have so much to do.

I looked down at her and her eyes sparkled as she tilted her head. I just couldn't turn her away.

I have made this commitment to my three dogs, that whenever they come to me to play, to be held, or even just to be touched for a few moments, I will.

I have spoken so many times about how loving they are. I have sensed a connection to them that is more spiritual, more human-like than I ever could imagine.

Ricky, has this incredible ability to know just when I need some attention. He, too, will suddenly sit by my chair and moan a bit.

"What do you want?" I'll ask and he will jump up on my lap. He crawls to my shoulder and snuggles his head next to my neck as he turns his paw inward settling in for whatever time I permit him to be there.

He's just want I needed at just the right time.

Phil, still young and full of life, will run into the room and whimper, cry at a high pitch to get my attention.

When I look down, he'll have a toy at his feet. His tail wagging signals to me , "Play, Dad, play!"

As per our unspoken agreement, I get down on the floor and throw the ball a few times until he tires or it rolls down the steps.

No, I can't say I do it every single time. But, just now I held Lucy and she was warm, soft and cuddly. Every few minutes she would sigh and turn her head to kiss me on the tip of my nose.

How could I say no to that?

I used to. It wasn't my dogs, but my kids.

They'd come tugging at my leg, running around the house, begging me to play and if I was "too busy" I'd tell them "Later, Daddy's busy right now."

Now, I hear from my one son nearly every day by phone or text message. I don't hear from my youngest at all.

The calls are nice, the texting is today's way of saying "thinking of you!" but I'd give anything to see him more often. Have him tug at my leg and ask me to play. I'd stop what I'm doing without hesitation. I'd play.

Maybe I don't hear from my youngest boy because I didn't play enough. Maybe I didn't pay attention to him when he wanted me to stop what I was doing and listen to him.

It's funny. I made the commitment to my dogs to welcome their love because, well, the truth is, I know they won't live forever. Chances are they will be gone before me.

It's sad. I want more time with my boys because, well the truth is, I won't live forever. Chances are I'll be gone before they will be.

I guess what I'm trying to tell you is no one, no living thing lives forever.

The next time your pet comes to sit with you or begs you to play, stop whatever you are doing and play.

More importantly, whenever your children call, texts or tugs at your heart, ask them to play.

Because, "No one lives forever."

"I wish you enough!"
~ Bob Perks ~

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