Nothing All That Special

      This past weekend two of our granddaughters, Hannah and Katie came for a visit.

      We had a great time together doing simple, everyday things that probably wouldn't be all that impressive to too many people.

      We ate our cereal on the back porch.  We called our lunch a picnic when we took it outside.  We sang nursery rhymes and children's songs.

      Two-year-old Katie chattered away.  Five-year-old Hannah told us all about kindergarten and even read to us.  (It's amazing how quickly children can learn.)

      When Pa went to take the garbage to the dumpster, Hannah went along.  She had a blast!  She giggled as she told me how badly it smelled.  She explained to me how Pa tossed the bags and they landed right where he aimed.

      We played with the dogs and cats.  We fed the goldfish in our pond.  Hannah said the blessing before each meal.  Together, we recited her bedtime prayers.  I rocked Katie to sleep.  We took the girls to the zoo.  They shuddered when they spied the alligators and giggled when they saw the monkeys.  We drew pictures and colored.

      We did nothing special.  But we had a great time doing it!

      Sunday came much too quickly.  After four nights with Nana and Pa, it was time for the girls to return home.  I expected them to be thrilled to get back to their toy room, their outside toys, their pets, and their home.

      While they were happy to see Mommy and Daddy, they did not want to leave Nana and Pa.  We buckled them securely in their car seats, gave them goodbye kisses, and returned home, already missing the girls.

      After they arrived home and realized that Nana and Pa weren't around anymore, they were definitely unhappy!

      Our telephone rang.  "I want you, Nana," Katie whimpered. "I want Pa too."

      Hannah came to the telephone.  "I miss you Nana," she cried. "I want you to come live with me."

      While I was not happy that the girls were sad, I was happy to know they had a good time doing nothing all that special with us.  I was glad that they enjoyed their stay with us.  I was delighted for the time we had to spend with them.  For those few days, nothing interfered in my time with the girls.  They were my top priority.

      On Monday morning, Katie awoke asking her Daddy, "Where is Nana and Pa?"  Tuesday morning, my telephone rang. I picked it up.  "I can't see you Nana," Katie announced. "I want you."  There's no way Katie could have possibly understood just how badly I wanted her, as well.  I wanted to hold her again, see that sweet little grin, give her a great big old bear hug, and sing her favorite nursery rhymes.

      While we enjoyed our time together, however, we all had to accept the fact that life goes on.  I had to start a new week and go back to work.  Hannah had to return to kindergarten and Katie had to go back to preschool.  We had to file away those fun times into our memory banks and continue on with life.

      When was the last time you enjoyed "nothing all that special" with your kids or grandkids?"

      When was the last time you giggled over the simple things in life?

      If it's been too long, won't you be determined to see life once again through the eyes of a child?  The Bible says, "Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven."

      Are there some things a child could teach you today?  Hannah and Katie taught me some great truths this past weekend.  It is not always about what we do with the ones we love, but the attitude in which we do it.  We can have fun rocking and singing.  Breakfast is much more enjoyable on the back porch.

      And even taking the garbage to the dumpster is enjoyable when you do it with the people you love.

~ Nancy B. Gibbs ~
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Nancy is an author, weekly newspaper columnist and inspirational speaker.  She has been published in numerous books, magazines and devotional guides including Chicken Soup for the Soul, Guideposts and Happiness. You can visit her website here:

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