Man lifting young girl in the air, by the ocean, during an afternoon sunset.

One Afternoon

It all comes down to this..."One Afternoon." If I could take away one moment from the years that I have lived, I think it would be wrapped up like a gift between the hours of 1 and 4 p.m.

Oh, how I do love the early morning hours dampened slightly by the mist of foggy dreams the night time brings. The sun light rolls across the blades of grass and nudges petals of the morning glory, "Wake up, my beauty! I promise you warmth if you do." Then responding like two lovers, one caresses the other and the world is better for it.

Then there are within the early hours of the day the flavor of fresh brewed coffee and the kiss of cinnamon rolls upon my lips.

That is hard to compare with afternoon.

Then, of course, there is the early evening sunset as the earth sighs and people stop to watch what masterpiece God has planned. Fresh paint, dripping, blending, watercolors, never two the same, make memories for some and satisfaction for those who toiled the long hours prior in the hot sun of July.

Why then would I find "One Afternoon" to be my choice of all the coffee sipped mornings I've enjoyed? Not to mention the breathtaking artistry of 21,900 sunsets.

For me, it is like the balance of a scale. No matter where I am at those hours, I find myself remembering how good the day began and at the same time looking, anticipating with child-like wonder, how it will all end.

I have felt a breeze wash across my face as I lie on the beach along some shore. Listening to the voice of afternoon's children playing in the sand, I gently slide back and forth in time. I hear my mother call, my best friend yell, and the sweetness of the words, "Daddy, come play with me."

I have smelled the burger fried, the chicken crisp mixed in with the charcoal memories of picnics past surrounded by one o'clock and four. The early hours got us to our destination and the early eve brought us safely home. One and four bind it all together and make the travel worth it.

I sit often times watching the birds splash in the bath, the squirrels dance just below the feeders and the butterfly touch down upon the bee balm. Perhaps they, too find comfort in the balance of the day.

Yes, I have deeply appreciated the early and the late of day, but come to value most those hours when I really lived. One comes off of twelve and if every effort is made on my part, four finds me fulfilled to the max and ready for the grand finale. I wonder then, if in the span of my life am I still in the morning hours, early afternoon or waiting for the sunset?

I think perhaps around 3 o'clock. Yes, that's it for sure. I've many more sunsets to see and cinnamon rolls to devour.

If in the end God says I can indeed take one thing with me, it will surely be... "One Afternoon."

"I wish you enough!"
~ Bob Perks ~

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