Beautiful sunrise.

Scavengers See The Light

Many years ago when I had a radio program, one of my listeners called me a "scavenger."

It wasn't meant to be an insult. In fact, I took it as a great tribute to what I did.

She went on to say," You scavenge through life to find things that are so important yet overlooked by most people."

I clarified it by saying that sometimes the most important things are so obvious that they become the back drop of our lives. We deem them important, expected, then shove them to the background.

Like watching a movie. I often times listen to the main characters but watch the people in the background. The "extras," as they are called. They add to the experience as much as the leads.

That's where the problem begins. We take people, places, moments for granted. We see them as "extras" in the movie of your life.

So, this scavenger spends more time searching out the extras.

Almost like the show "American Pickers." The two main characters scavenge through attics and barns looking for things that, by themselves are significant, but buried in piles of debris, go unnoticed and overlooked.

Never take anything or more importantly anyone, for granted. Make an effort to make everyone you meet the main character in your time with them...if only for a moment, an hour, a day or a lifetime.

The photo included with this message is something that happens everyday during the summer. The sun sets behind our home. The trees filter the light and for just a few minutes, blinding beams of sun light break through.

I discovered this last summer and took that picture with my phone. Seeing it head on is dramatic indeed. Seeing it from the side the light appears to be like arms stretching, searching across the land as if trying desperately to hold onto the day. Maybe even slow it down.

From where I stood, the fading warmth, the brightness of the light washed over me as if I needed one last cleansing. Perhaps one final reminder that I had lived at all that day and saw it through until its end.

I did. I stood there until I could see the sun no more.

It makes for a nice picture, but it is so much more than that.

It is a reminder that I had lived, that I had made it through another day and by all standards of worth, it was more valuable than gold.

God could not promise me that I would see it again. Tomorrow is promised to no one. He promises that it will return, it will rise again on the other side of my house and has from the beginning of time.

The difference is most people are so busy that they will not take notice.

Their clocks, watches, schedules, meetings, meals all fall into the time it takes for it to happen, but nowhere in that time period do they take time to see it happen.

It's all a part of the scenery of the life they live and taken for granted like the birds, the trees, the rocks, the roads, the pathways marked through forest glen and the people who appear as "extras."

Stop it!

Every sun set is different. Every sun rise is proof that God has given you another chance. Between the rise and the setting will be woven breath taking moments, awe inspiring scenes written by the Great Author who sees nothing as insignificant, no one as extras and you as the lead role in the life written just for you.

Join me.  Become a scavenger, see the light.

"I wish you enough!"
~ Bob Perks ~

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