Man singing in the rain.

I Need To Sing In A Thunder Storm

Call them whatever you want...the storms in your life, the challenges you face, the "ups and downs," pitfalls or simply bad days.

How well do you handle them?

Some are unexpected, shock and surprise us. We don't know how well we will do until they happen.

I'm talking about those things you see coming on the horizon.

Like the approaching storm.

Does the distant rumble scare you long before you see the first cloud?

Does the very warning of such an event put your life in turmoil even when you don't know the details?

I ask you this because I witnessed the most remarkable thing early this morning.

First of all, when the weather person tells me that we will have a thunder storm I know that my three dogs will have a difficult time. Long before the storm arrives two of them begin to sense its approach. Phil, our youngest was never bothered by them in the beginning but has learned from them. Now he runs and hides, too.

So, they woke me up early this morning. I gathered them together downstairs and after a few comforting words they scattered.

Then I went out to my front porch to get the papers. It was then that I discovered something.

It was dark. In the distance the skies flashed and the thunder rumbled across the landscape.

But all around me the birds sang. I mean there was a chorus of chirping that went on for several minutes. I could not see even a single bird, but it sounded like there were thousands.

I would think that out of all the creatures God created, during a storm birds would be the ones to have the most to fear. Still, they never stopped singing.

It was dawn. They sing at dawn every day. Storm or no storm. What is it that they know that we don't know?

We should wake up everyday grateful for it, and yet, if it's a day of a "storm" in our life or an approaching storm, we certainly aren't singing.

It appears I have been singing only on the good days. Sadly, I have also wasted too many of those.

With an approaching storm in my life, I needed this one today. It taught me that if I sing during my storm, the rumble of fear all around me will add depth to my voice and carry it further. Perhaps even to inspire others and calm those who care about me.

When it is the darkest, the light of my faith, though it may flicker, will show me the way.

Instead of shaking in the corner somewhere, I need to sing in a thunder storm.

"I wish you enough!"
~ Bob Perks ~

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