Clasp hands - reaching out to others.

Reaching Out To Others

The Tenth Letter Of The Alphabet

Maybe I'm making too much out of it.

Maybe it's just a coincidence.

Then again...

What am I talking about?   "J"

Yes, the letter,   "J."

It just started appearing in the signatures of people who wrote to me.

Not everyone. Just a few.

It all began with my editor. This wonderful lady is the person in charge of making me look a lot better in print than I am. I mean she dots my i's and crosses my t's. She re-attaches dangling participles and makes sure my present and past tenses aren't too tense.

Every time she wrote to me she signed her name and ended it with   J.

I finally wrote to ask her what it meant.

It had something to do with a smile or wink in computer talk. Like lol (laugh out loud).

But this is what I assumed. It meant Jesus.

Why? Because I know for a fact that she is Christian. We had that conversation. She works for my publisher, Thomas Nelson, a prominent Christian publisher.

But then it started showing up in other messages, too. I had to really think about this one. In doing so I came to the conclusion that because I knew her to be Christian I assumed it meant Jesus.

I call this "faith expectations."

That's what a Christian lady would do. I would expect Jesus in her work. Adding a "J" would be a way to express that.

That also got me to thinkin" as they say.

Do I live up to the expectations of others?

If someone thinks me to be a faith-filled person, do I fill those expectations. Do I act Christian?

What ever your faith might be, do you live it so well that people have certain expectations of you?

If I had seen that in a message from anyone else would I immediately think it meant Jesus or would I see it as a typo?

I shared this with my wife and guess what?

She now emails me and adds "J" at the end.

The big question for me now...should I begin doing this in an effort to show Jesus in my life or hope that others would see it anyway?

By the way, the conversation I had with my editor when we talked about faith was this.

"Bob, would you have a problem with having God in your stories?"

I was stunned. I was quiet for moment.

"I would like to add a bible quote here and there throughout the book," she added.

I then immediately replied, "I would love that!"

When I hung up the phone I headed to my story files and ran a search for the word "God."

I wasn't surpised when I found I actually mention God in most of my work. The rest I reflect faith based principles.

Oh, yes. One more question.

If you ran a search of God in your life, how many times would you find him?

"I believe in You!"
~ Bob Perks ~
[ by: Bob Perks Copyright © 2009 ( -- {used with permission} ]

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