Thanksgiving turkey dinner.

Thanksgiving, The Old Fashioned Way

The "tradition" is now in its fifth year.

I would not have thought that such an early morning venture to my mother's house 30 minutes away on a cold, dark morning, would be so much fund that I didn't even have to mark it on the calendar as a reminder.

The tradition, as I now think of it, started the first Thanksgiving after my father died, less than one month prior. I knew the first set of holidays would be difficult for my mother.

I thought it would be the right thing to do -- to drive to mom's early Thanksgiving morning to help her prepare the stuffing, prep the turkey, and put the bird in the oven. But mostly to keep her company in the now quiet house.

Since we usually eat early afternoon, arriving at mom's by 6am meant getting up and out of my house by 5:30am.

First stop in my old hometown is to pick up two coffees, a muffin to share and the morning paper, then drive the two remaining blocks to the house where I, as well as mom, grew up.

In the quiet of the morning, mom and I begin preparations for our Thanksgiving meal with the family. Over the past few years, we have expanded on our routine. Not only do we make the stuffing and the turkey, but we also set the table with the china my grandmother used and even peel all those potatoes and prep the other side dishes.

As we work through our list, the aroma of turkey begins to fill the kitchen. Working side by side with mom, the comforting smell of turkey in the oven, my grandmother's china taking center stage on the table, and the quiet dawning of the day is something I have come to cherish each year. I love working next to her, chatting as we work. It's wonderful to have those several hours together, just mom and me.

In this day and age, when "blogging" and "twittering" have replaced old fashioned communication, this tradition has become that much more important to me. Something I hope continues for many more years to come. Love you more, Mom!

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