Boy in a wheel chair holding three fish.

The Boy And The Fish Sandwich

I don't preach. I believe, but I can't conveniently quote the Bible when those words would come in handy. I can say something and mention that I believe it's " in there somewhere." I even know where to look.

It doesn't make me less Christian, just lazy.

Still, God uses me just the way I am. I understand that's how the Apostles got their jobs working for Him, too. He took them "just they way they were." So, there is hope for you and I!

Every so often I come across something that really strikes me as incredibly significant. Something that I must share. So, I struggle to inspire others with hopes that they, too, will be overwhelmed by it.

I have learned that no one is EVER as enthusiastic about my ideas as I am. I saw a movie once that inspired me so much that when I got out of my car I was literally jumping in the air. Someone who saw me thought I won the lottery. When I explained the movie to them they laughed at me. I suddenly lost my enthusiasm.

But this is significant.

You may have heard about Jesus and the loaves and fish. Great miracle! Terrific story.

Here's the part I never paid attention to. The boy. Did you ever think about the boy?

What boy? See, it isn't just me. It is mentioned that the five loaves and two fish were brought there by a young boy. It was a lunch basket of sorts. The event is mentioned in all four Gospels but the boy is only mentioned in the book of John.

Okay, don't leave me because I'm sounding too preachy here. There's a really great story that applies to you. I promise.

The boy was really as important to this miracle as anyone. You might say that all he did was bring lunch. Yes! That's true. But that small thing played a big part in one of the best known miracles in the Bible.

What's the point here?

You! If you feel so small and insignificant in life and struggle to see any important gift that God has given you, then wake up! That small boy went to see Jesus and simply brought some lunch with him. Those five small barley loaves and two fishes fed thousands with 12 baskets full remaining.

Gee, I always thought it was a big thing that I would share my baloney sandwich at school with my friends. I hated baloney, but they thought I was a nice guy.

But this that's something!

Every morning when you wake up what you bring into the world may be just what God needs to change it. You may be a part of miracle in the making. You may be bringing the loaves and fishes. Please, no baloney sandwiches.

If you share what you have (smile, talent, time, food etc.) with even one other person in need, I promise that simple act of kindness will multiply and your basket will be full, too.

You could be "The boy/girl and the fish sandwich!"

"I wish you enough!"
~ Bob Perks ~

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