The Christmas Carpenter From Nazareth!

One of the "joys" of Christmas is "Toy Assembly 101." Late Christmas Eve, you take "it" out of the box--whatever "it" is--read the so-called simple instructions ALWAYS including the magic words, "No assembly required" OR "Easy assembly instructions enclosed"--and the fun begins! You can't find all the parts, the parts don't fit together, you read and re-read and re-read the directions, you count and re-count and RE-count the parts, you hit your left thumb with the hammer held by your right thumb--you let out a scream--and the nightmare begins! Remember?

Two thousand years ago, a carpenter's life was turned upside down by the news that his betrothed was with child--not his! The child was the Son of God, promised by prophets of old, and Joseph was about to become the early caregiver of the Lord Jesus Christ. And loving caregiver, I can imagine, this carpenter was--can you see him making wooden toys for Little Boy Jesus? Can you see him patiently showing Young Teen Jesus the "tricks of the trade," so He too, could become a GOOD carpenter from Nazareth?

Jesus, the CARPENTER? - Joseph, you better forget the dreams you hold in your heart for this young charge--God has bigger dreams for Him! But wait...those plans STILL include being a Carpenter--His shop just just been relocated to heaven's halls! He's the heavenly Carpenter who puts things together, who fixes what's wrong, who makes it brand new....who can take the broken things of your life, reassemble and restore all the pieces, and bring love and joy back to your life.

AND like all good carpenters, He knows how to "hit the nail on the head"....whatever you need, whatever repair is in order, you can open His Word and find the precise word you need to hear from His holy lips. The answer may be in a song or verse or a "word in season" from a friend that finds its way into your heart - and you KNOW the Carpenter has been at work! His shop never closes--there's no charge for His services--and He does incredible work!

Now believe it! Let the Christmas carpenter, skillful Workman in your life, have full control. Give Him all the broken pieces--He wants to fix whatever's wrong, to assemble all the parts, put them back in working order, and place YOU on display before the world as a heavenly-crafted person, repaired and renewed by heaven's Workman, the Christmas carpenter from Nazareth who is YOUR Savior and Lord.

Scripture: "For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them (Ephesians 2:10)."

Prayer: "Lord, thanks for working on me! You never discard or throw me away as junk; you restore, renew and reveal to me Your everlasting skill in "making it over" with Your skillful hands....I place myself in YOUR carpenter shop this Christmas--fix what's wrong, make ME anew, and may I display the beauty of your work, In Jesus' Name, Amen."

[ by Peggie C. Bohanon. Copyright © 2002, Springfield, MO -- {used with permission} ]


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