Jesus and Paul in the water.

The Deep End

I Remember Being Afraid Of Water. It Has Been Over 30 Years Ago, But I Still Remember That Fear. My Parents Put Me In Swim Lessons, But It Wasn't Enough For Me To Overcome It. Until One Day, It Changed.

I Used This Thought Process: Everyday I Come To This Pool, And Everyday I Play In This Shallow End Of The Pool. And Everyday, I Am Asked; How Was The Pool Today? And Everyday, I Gave The Same Uninspired And Dejected Answer. But One Day I Thought...

So, What If Today The Answer Would Be Different. What If I Could Say;
I Jumped Into The Deep End And Everything Is Different Now!

I Remember Going To Church, Some On And Mostly Off, For The Last Thirty Years. And I Still Remember How I Attempted To Use It As A Social Platform. A Way For People To See What A Good Person I Was. A Way To Mask The Guilt For The Way I Lived My Life.

I Was Always Playing In The Shallow End! Until One Day It Changed And He Lead Me To This:

~ But Jesus Spoke To Them At Once. Don't Be Afraid, He Said. Take Courage, I Am Here!

Then Peter Called To Him, Lord, If It's Really You, Tell Me To Come To You, Walking On The Water.

Yes, Come.  Jesus Said.

So Peter Went Over The Side Of The Boat And Walked On The Water Toward Jesus. But, When He Saw The Strong Wind And The Waves, He Was Terrified And Began To Sink. Save Me, Lord! He Shouted.

Jesus Immediately Reached Out And Grabbed Him. You Have So Little Faith, Jesus Said. Why Did You Doubt Me?  ~ Matthew 14:27:31 NLT

~ Tom Rogers ~
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Swimming In The Deep End And Everything Is Different Now!

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