The Language Of Love

In honor of cupid's big day it's only fitting to direct our attention towards this hearts and flowers kind of holiday with renewed interest in fueling the flames of passion. I know what you're probably thinking - romance is the last thing on your mind after a hectic day at the office, and an even more exhaustive evening of dealing with dinner, homework, bath and bedtimes. By the time your weary head hits the pillow the luxury of sleep is all that's on your mind.

When it comes to brain power, muscle power, and how efficiently we use our time, the theory that, 'If you don't use it you'll lose it' often comes into play.  The theory also applies to the power of love. Once Cupid's arrow has struck it's not as difficult as you think to keep the desire for one another lively and amusing.

Miscommunication is perhaps the biggest reason why women seem to suffer headaches on a regular basis.  Taking steps to appreciate the big picture can help to keep the Tylenol in the medicine cabinet while restoring romance in the bedroon.

It's all in the way we look at it which, at times, takes a lot of creative thinking, on our part, but well worth the effort.

In marriage we vow to love and honor our husbands.  After many years of marriage it is a wife, wealthy in wisdom, who values the unspoken vow of deciphering her husband's language of love, which is indeed spoken in a language all his own.

How many times do we women feel insulted when our husbands lead us into Victoria's Secret as they browse through the lingerie showing us what they want for their birthday?  I've had the temptation to strangle my Romeo, right there in the store, with the size 6 satin negligee he holds up to my now more endowed frame. But, in his language of love all he's saying is that he still sees his bride as svelte and sexy as the day he married her. I've learned to accept it as a compliment that my honey still sees me as Victoria's Secret material when I know I belong at Lane Bryant.

While most wives see a candle lit dinner for two as invitingly romantic, her husband's own prelude to a romantic evening can be debatable. He'll point to the fact that, love is on his mind as he washes dishes, loads the washer and runs the vacuum across the carpet.  It takes years of experience for a wife to appreciate that these chores, done as a token of his love and affection, are practical gestures that speak louder than words, from his point of view. If you think about it, doesn't the sight of a clean kitchen and empty laundry hamper make for an evening of spontaneous romance? I know it works for me~ the cleaner the house the more amorous I feel!

Men and women; we define romance in different ways - but if we ever expect to have and to hold, the whimsy of wedded bliss, we need to really listen to the language of our husband's love.  It will serve us well all the days of our married lives.

Roses are red, violets are blue,
  May the language of love be heard by you.

~ Kathy Whirity ~

Bio: Kathy Whirity lives in Chicago where she shares her life and love with her husband of 29 years, Bill, their two daughters, Jaime and Katie, and two rambunctious retrievers, Holly and Hannah. Kathy is a newspaper columnist who shares her sentimental musings on family life.

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