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The Smell of Rain

The smell of rain and there you were sitting on the front porch. Your apron slightly dusted with flour and smeared finger prints of soon to be chocolate cake. I always got to lick the beaters, you always put way too much "ic-n-ing" on the cupcakes which is why I look the way I do today.

The smell of rain and we gathered under the pavilion waiting for the rides to start again. Charcoal smoke and fatty cheeseburgers filled the air as nearby "pitnickers" took advantage of the break in the day.

The smell of rain in your hair as I wrapped the towel around you. "I told you to come in as soon as it started," I said to my son, even knowing he wouldn't. Perhaps hoping he wouldn't. After all he's just a boy.

The smell of rain and the steam rises off the roof of the building nearby. I am on guard duty in Navy boot camp and this dumpster could very well be attacked by the enemy at any moment. It is mid-day in a hot Florida sun. I love writing to my brother to tell him about the air conditioned barracks we sleep in. He was in the "real Navy" he reminds me. Up north in the Great Lakes mid heat!

The smell of rain, the music plays, I get happy feet and cannot control the urge, no the "need" to dance. It is Universal Studios Florida, one of the hottest days on record and the song is "Singing in the Rain!" I did the whole thing in front of strangers and my wife and youngest son. Which might explain the poor relationship I have with him today.

The smell of rain and the roses sigh, memories of perfectly timed rainfall during the funeral of a loved one and tear soaked goodbyes, muddy frolics when we didn't care about getting dirty, just washed the car days, and now I don't have to wash the car late winter days.

The smell of rain drifting through the old wooden screen placed in the window of my childhood bedroom mixes with the crisp smell of fresh bleached white sheets stretched tightly on my bed. I loved the first moment just lying there.

The smell of rain mixed with the fragrance of our love feeds me when I hold you close, sustains me whenever we are not. I need only close my eyes and I see you there, always will, until my eyes no longer open.

And the smell of rain today in the parking lot of the grocery store sent me rushing home to share this with you, my friend. Next time it rains, think of me.

"I wish you enough!"
~ Bob Perks ~

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