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They Made My Evening Special

They Made My Evening Special Ginny and I spent an evening with our daughter Heather and our son-in-law Nathan. It was their fifth anniversary. They've overcome many challenges in their short five years. They have four young children to deal with and the battle Nathan faces with Huntington's disease.

Nathan and I played a few rounds of golf on the video machine. I lost - as always. He found another partner, a man who knew the game well and provided Nathan a real battle. I retreated to our table, where Ginny and Heather enjoyed snacks and drinks.

I sat and made pleasant talk, but mostly, as I always do, I watched the people around us. I noticed a couple at the bar. His beard was grey, untrimmed and matched the hair on his head. Her hair was blonde and well kept. They were just an ordinary older couple, a little over- weight, but pleasant looking. They enjoyed their drinks and a basketball game on the big screen television that hung above the bar.

They stood out, because he constantly touched her hand or rubbed her back. There was a great love between those two. They were not afraid to show it.

It was like looking through a window into mine and Ginny's relationship. I do the same to her. When we are out, I hold her hand or rub her back too. I love my wife and am not afraid to display it.

The night wore on. My attention continued to focus on the couple. "I'll be right back." I said to Ginny.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"Look at the couple at the bar ...the older couple." I nodded in their direction. Ginny turned to look. "Look how he's rubbing her back and giving her his attention. That's love! They both have wedding bands, so I assume they're married. In any case, I'm going to introduce myself."

Ginny knows me well. She knows I love love. It's what she loves about me.

I left our table and walked up to the man. His wife had gone to the lady's room. "Excuse me, sir. I don't mean to bother you."

He turned to face me. "Yes?"

"I'm Mike." I offered my hand.

He reached out, shook my hand and replied. "I'm Bill. Nice to meet you." He smiled. "What can I do for you, Mike?"

"My wife and I are seated over there." I pointed to the table where Ginny talked to Heather. "This may sound strange, but I couldn't help notice how you keep touching your wife. I sensed a strong love between you two."

"Oh yes! I love her very much."

"I'm the same with my wife. I touch her like you do your wife. I do it because I love her and want her to know it. For some reason, I felt compelled to let you know it shows and it's wonderful."

"She's a great woman, my Susan."

"How long have you and Susan been married, Bill?"

"It will be thirty-four years next month. A wonderful thirty-four years they've been. Susan has made them special."

Susan returned. I introduced myself and told her the reason for my intrusion. She graciously accepted my hand and my apology. "Thank you, Mike. Bill is very special to me."

"It shows." I said as I let her hand slip from mine. "I just wanted to let you know, I enjoy seeing true love in action. You made my night."

I sat with Ginny and Heather and continued to watch Bill and Susan. They did the same as they did all evening, touch and smile, but now their eyes sparkled brighter; their smiles grew broader; and their laughter was shared with the room.

Ginny and I have had eight years of love like they have. They enjoyed thirty-four. What a beautiful thing they have.

They made my evening special.

~ Michael T. Smith ~
Copyright © 2012

Michael lives in Ohio with his wife Ginny and his stepdaughter's family. You can see a list of Mike's stories here: And you can get his stories emailed to you by signing up here:  Let Michael know what you think of his story:  Michael T. Smith
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