Goldfish in a pond.

Time To Leave The Pond

We have always had at least seven fish and a frog in our pond just outside our door. Yes, we've had more of both, but on average, this small pond only has room for seven and one.

It may be hard to believe but we've had some of these fish for many years. At one time as many as four frogs.

The fish all started as tiny gold fish, the kind you buy in a pet store. No fancy Koi, no fantail anything. The frogs arrived on their own. I have researched this before but still can't understand exactly how they get there or where they go.

This story is about leaving the pond.

Until yesterday our frog was gone.

I try to be positive as much as I can, but after a few days I turned to what I thought was reality. I thought for sure one of the unwelcome wandering cats finally laid claw to frog and dragged him off somewhere.

Don't get me started on neighborhood cats and those who think it is fair to let them come into my back yard to pee all over my grill cover. They call it natural instinct. I call it un-neighborly and irresponsible. If my dog was found roaming it would be captured and sent to the pound.

Oh, look you got me started.

I planned retaliation one day. I wanted to follow the cat to the owners home and pee on their grill cover.

Logic, the fear of police involvement, and indecent exposure charges have kept me from doing so.

Anyway, our frog was gone most of the summer and I gave up on it. Apparently it didn't give up on me.

Like all such things I found more than joy in its return. I found value in the fact that it ever left at all.

When we first created the pond and placed the fish, we were excited indeed when our first frog arrived. Through the summer we often times found it just outside the perimeter of the pond and made every effort to return it.

I discovered that it isn't easy catching a frog...several times in one day!

Every once in awhile, though it would be gone, but never this long.

Each time I wondered why it would leave the security of fresh water, food, companionship, and security.

This year I discovered that sometimes it just needs to leave.

Like people.

Yes, we may very well feel happy and content right where we are, but never leaving the pond means we never get to experience life on the outside. Just beyond the security of the pond we live in just might be a bigger pond a better pond, maybe even a mate that has been waiting on the lily pad all this time.

Yes, sometimes it's best being a big frog in a little pond.

Sometimes the big pond makes you feel small.

But God didn't give frogs the ability to leap without reason.

God didn't give you all the gifts and talents you have without reason, too.

Next time you think you hear the call of a distant pond why not take a leap of faith. If it doesn't work out you can always come back...just like our frog did.

Come on over to our "pad," any time.

"I wish you enough!"
~ Bob Perks ~

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