Father and young daughter at the beach.

Tiny fingers

Tiny fingers grasp the truth that time is short and summer will be gone too soon.

Wrapped around my fingers as we walked along the shore, I prayed at times that you'd stay small and I as young as you needed me to be.

Stopping now and then to claim a treasure lying there waiting just for you, you'd say "Daddy, look! This one's even better." And I, stooping down to see it, saw nothing more in it than the last one. But your eyes, your smile, convinced me.

"Awesome! You're right. That is the best one yet!" I'd confirm. You'd tuck it in your pocket and we'd move on.

"I wish this would never end," you said. You must have been reading my mind

"It won't if we work real hard at keeping it this way." I remember telling you.

Tiny hands held ice cream cones and played with buckets and trucks. Tiny feet tried desperately to out run the approaching waves and you screamed at the very thought of being caught by one.

You sat on my lap wrapped yourself in towels, as tiny toes dug deep in the sand.

Just before we left that day, we'd write your name far enough up the beach that you thought for sure it would be there the next time we came.

I was there, you weren't.

Your hands have grown and your feet have taken you places I have never been nor will be.

Tiny fingers hold my heart now. We never walk the beach any more. You never make the time.

As summer closes memories of you and I remain, apparently not for you, but something I hold onto.

You surprised me once and called me from the shore. I could hear the ocean in the distance, but you could not see the ocean of tears as I closed my eyes and saw you standing there again..

Tiny fingers, tiny hands and feet.

The shore will always be there, but I, like summer, will be gone too soon.

Here's to summer's speedy return and our foot prints on the shore.

"I wish you enough!"
~ Bob Perks ~

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[ by: Bob Perks Copyright © 2009 (2believe@comcast.net) -- {used with permission} ]

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