The Parable of the Tree Dwellers

In a far and distant place, where the land is filled with forest, there live little creatures who are known as the Tree Dwellers. Their custom is To attach themselves to one spot on a tree and make it their home.

From the time of birth, the Tree Dwellers enjoy the benefits of food, Safety and protection that the tree gives to them.

Occasionally, an age-old story is told of some who have let go of their spot on the tree and allowed the Wind to carry them away. As a result, the Tree Dwellers became Wind Walkers that could fly free with the Wind.

No one believes the story. For they say among themselves, "Everyone knows that if you let go, you will crash and die".

In their limited existence, they could not see that there was abundant life awaiting them outside the tree. Instead, they hung, lived and died attached to their spot on the tree.

One day, a young Tree Dweller after having heard the story of the Wind Walkers, began to dream of letting go. Everyone on his section of the tree, told him of the dangers of letting go. They exclaimed to the Tree Dweller that the Wind would grab him, rip him through the branches and tear him Apart.

Despite the warnings given to him by his neighbors, the young Tree Dweller refused to give up his dream. He believed there was a whole world to know and a greater life available to those who would trust the Wind to show it to Them.

Finally, the day came when he decided to let go and allow the Wind to carry him. At the risk of losing his life, he had to know if the Wind would carry him and show him another way to live. When the morning Wind came, the Tree Dweller let go and allowed the Wind to carry him through the tree. All who saw him panicked and called for him to grab hold.

The first few moments were painful for the Tree Dweller. The Wind pulled him through the twigs of the tree; yet, he resisted the urge to try and hold on to any up-coming branch. The Wind finally lifted him up higher and higher until he could see the forest beneath him. It was only then that he realized all Tree Dwellers were meant to fly.

The Wind Walker spent the rest of his days moving with the Wind, learning His ways and proclaiming "The Story". The Good News is that this is a possibility for all mankind to leave the tree behind and walk with God.

Jesus said I am the Way the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the Father but by Me. Jesus didn't die just to save people from hell but that they might have a relationship with the Creator of the Universe. Don't settle for religion when you can walk with God.

[ David McNamara -- from Chaplain 777 ( ]


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