Wooden love note box.

"Walter & Helen, come back!"

My wife held up the small wooden box and said, "Look, Love notes!"

On closer examination I discovered the box was really for notes from visitors. "Leave a note" it said.

We were at the local library auction. We never participate in the auction, we go to browse through all the junk no one would waste their time bidding on...like that box.

I don't know if you remember such things, but I have memories of seeing small wooden boxes, signs, napkin holders and silly little things made from cedar, I believe. They could be found at any number of vacation gift shops where we all bought gifts for family back home.

The name of the town was printed in black letters across the front.

They were really tacky but expected by friends and family left behind that year

That's what this small box from the auction was to most everyone who had picked it up before Marianne did this day. But she knows me. She knows I would see it as treasure. It was a mailbox. Etched on the side was a family name...The Williams's and "Leave a note!"

I opened the front and inside I found curled up pieces of paper. This was a treasure that had to be appreciated. But I'd wait until I got home.

We found little there that day. Although I did find a small figurine for my wife; a mailman cupid with a heart shaped letter in its hand. Seemed appropriate to go with the mailbox.

When I finally got home I carefully opened the box and pulled nearly 25 small, curled up pieces of paper from it.

As I thumbed through them I realized they were all blank. That is but one.

Scribbled on one sheet were two names. "Walter & Helen"

I wondered if the Williams family ever knew Walter and Helen visited that day. This old cracked and stained little box still held proof of their attempt after all these years.

Of course, my imagination burned within my soul.

Did they ever return?

What if this was the last visit, the last time they could have seen each other?

What ever happened to neighborly visits, Sunday rides to Uncle Joe's and family that would just drop by and were actually welcome?

In stark contrast, in many vacation gifts shops today you find rude, offensive t-shirts, and gag gifts to insult those back home.

One such sign read... "If you've come to see us and you haven't phoned us prior, when I say "You're Welcome!" don't believe me I'm a liar!"

Walter and Helen, come back!

"I believe in You!"
~ Bob Perks ~
[ by: Bob Perks Copyright © 2009 (2believe@comcast.net) -- {used with permission} ]

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