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The Place Where You Are Born

If I asked you where you were born, you'd easily reply with the city and state of your birth.

I was born in Pittston, Pennsylvania.

That's what I told this man, but he just would accept it.

He seemed innocent enough. Like so many people I meet, I can tell within the first minute if it was meant to be. I have learned that everyone has something to say, some have something to remember.

"Where was the place where you were born?" he asked. I told him.

"You're talking about your date of birth, the hospital you were born in."

"Yes, exactly. July 18, 1950."

He shooked his head slowly and said, "That's not what I asked."

Okay, I was confused.

"I can tell by looking at you that you have something to offer the world. Something special to say and do."

That was nice to hear but I still didn't know where he was going with it.

"People are born physically of the womb but never find themselves."

"Ah, you are talking about being a Born again Christian!" I said.


"The place where you are born is the time and place where you discover the gift. The gift is what God gave the world when you were created. There should come a time when we discover who we are and what we were created to do," he said.

"The place where you are born!" I said with an uplifting tone. "I get it!"

"Sometimes one discovers it in childhood, sometimes in adulthood. Sadly some never do."

"It took me awhile. But I believe I have. So, tell me, what makes you think I knew this?"

"People who know walk with confidence, though at times, they can be confused and question everything. They have strength but are sensitive to others and the ever changing landscape of the world. People who know, smile, never pass a chance to speak to strangers and are good listeners."

"So, should I be able to select a specific date, time and place for this being born of myself?"

"No. Once it happens it feels like it's always been that way. God created you and from the very moment of conception He knew you. You needed to see what He saw in order to fulfill His plans. I think some call it an "Ah Ha moment!"

That was the extent of our conversation and he left.

You might think this odd. I don't. God sent him so that I might remind you that is is time for you to discover it, too.

So, you know I need to ask you...Can you tell me, "The place where you are born?"
"I wish you enough!"
~ Bob Perks ~

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