Gold pocket watch

A Gold Pocket Watch

Jonathan and Sarah had been wed for fifty years,
just to watch the way they loved filled grown men's eyes with tears,
How she looked at Jonathan could make a sailor blush,
fifty years of wedded bliss, and she still had a crush!
John's nephew was curious, and questioned him one day,
"What's the secret of your marriage, is it what you do or say?
Tell me, what's the age-old mystery, just what do women need,
what's the best thing I can give my wife to help our love succeed?"
Jonathan replied that love starts out much like a flame,
then careless things can dampen it, like hardened hearts and blame,
"The way to keep the fire alive is stoking up the coals,
let God reveal your woman's heart and help ignite your souls.
"Tell her there's no joy on earth that ever could compare
to simply holding hands with her as you seek God in prayer,
Tell her the stars that fill her eyes are all the light you need,
and that with her there by your side you know that you'll succeed.
"Tell her you long to kiss her lips when you're out in a crowd,
how glad you are that she's your wife, and how she makes you proud,
Tell her that in your eyes she's still the fairest in the land,
and when you know she's feeling low, tell her you understand.
"Then day by day seek little things you know will make her smile,
and when she needs atttention, try to go the extra mile,
Let her know you'll never leave her, that your love for her is true,
give her all the love that you possess ~ but mostly, give her you!"
A few months from this sage advice, dear Uncle John passed on,
his nephew had the hardest time accepting he was gone,
The wisdom he had heard from John was in his spirit still,
and the day arrived for John's last words, the reading of his will.
John's fortune went to his dear wife, a genuine windfall,
in death, in life, his love was true, he'd given her his all,
With no survivors to his name, except his brother's son,
the will seemed scarcely opened before all was said and done.
The nephew's grief was so extreme that he could barely stand,
his darling aunt walked up to him, a small box in her hand,
"A few days just before he died, John handed this to me,
I asked him what it held inside, he didn't let me see.
"He told me it was meant for you, and for your eyes alone,
and so I give this box to you, the contents still unknown."
The nephew held his dear aunt close, their hearts were full of tears,
he vowed that he'd watch over her through her remaining years.
The box remained unopened till his pain had lost its hold,
and then one day he looked inside: a pocket watch of gold!
He gently opened up the watch, and then began to grin,
"Say Something Nice to Sarah," were the words inscribed therein.
"Say Something Nice to Sarah" were the words John saw each hour,
a silent clear reminder to give love its burning power,
The magic words to stay the flame, to stoke the fire inside:
"Say Something Nice to Sarah" ~~~ and their romance never died.

~ Connie ~

"A word fitly spoken
is like apples of gold
in pictures of silver."
(Proverbs 25:11 KJV)
Also check out "Say Something Nice to Sarah"
recorded by Ernest Tubb, 1972

[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook Copyright © 2006 ( -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]


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