A Special Time

      Halloween is over and a special time is here,
      And now we move into what is the best time of the year.
      The attitudes are changing for the festive holidays,
      As we begin to celebrate in many different ways.

      We think about Thanksgiving now and plans are being made,
      And after that is Christmas as the year begins to fade.
      This is the best time of the year for friends and family,
      To share their love and warmth again as it was meant to be.

      As with all of the holidays we've greeted through the years,
      Some have found us full of joy while others brought us tears.
      Joyous ones when everything was perfect in our lives,
      Sad ones with ours lives in turmoil taking them in stride.

      This year is no different as the holidays draw near,
      All our lives have changed as we approach this time of year.
      There are families that have had some monumental change,
      Losing loved ones or some problems has life rearranged.

      Other families have been blessed and most things are the same,
      The joys have overshadowed them with very little pain.
      The family is intact and this year there was little sorrow,
      And joys abound within their family planning for tomorrow.

      One thing that we all share in now as one big family,
      This year will be much different than we ever thought would be.
      This year as we prepare our plans to spend time overjoyed,
      In our minds the constant thought why troops have been deployed.

      We plan to share our holidays with family close and dear,
      But things are very different than in any other year.
      Once again we realize a larger family,
      That we are all a part of in this country living free.

      Anything that happens to our larger family,
      Has made us realize how it affected you and me.
      So as the holidays approach with cooling changing weather,
      The changing climate of our lives must keep us all together.

      United is the key word that is ringing loud and clear,
      And we must stay united and not give in to our fear.
      Yes, the world is changing and we face a brand new day.
      Yes, the world seems threatened in a new and different way.

      In the past we faced our fears as each year came to rest,
      And in the past we always seemed to stand up to the test.
      So as the holidays approach and we make preparations,
      In the country that we love and many other nations.

      Let the cries of freedom ring as holidays draw nigh.
      Let the cries of peace on earth ring out as days gone by.
      Cling to friends and family the way it's always been,
      And when the dust is settled we will overcome again.

[ by James A. Kisner © 2001 (PoppyK1@aol.com) -- {used with permission} ]


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