America's Worst Nightmare

(September 11th 2001)

It's written in our hearts, Lord,
That day Americans dread;
That day when demons came from Hell
And filled this Land with dead.

It's coming now, I feel it,
I hear it in the wind;
That day when all America
Felt their childhood end.

We felt our spirit darken,
Felt horrified, alone;
Some hearts were turned to You, Lord,
Some hearts were turned to stone.

With angels watching vigil,
Their swords drawn as for war;
And Satan's hordes unleashed that day
With wrath unseen before.

Destruction so unthinkable,
Stark terror did abound;
With souls Hell-bent or Heaven-sent,
Their blood spilt on the ground.

It haunts the strongest hearts, Lord,
We dread it every year:
America's worst nightmare,
America's worst fear.

And God, though some Americans
Still treat You with disdain,
Have mercy, Lord, we plead this prayer:
It won't repeat again.

God, please bless America,
Return Your strong right Hand;
And let the Eagle safely fly
Across this mighty Land.


[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook ( -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]


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