He glances in the living room and sees her sitting there,
      She's reading something as she runs her fingers through her hair.
      Her legs are curled upon the sofa and she looks so sweet,
      She still maintains her high school figure and is so petite.

      Twenty years they've been together and she looks the same,
      As beautiful as ever and she keeps it very plain.
      She has a natural beauty and has such a lovely skin,
      Her eyes are deep and lovely and her nose so sleek and thin.

      He leans against the hallway door and just observes the sight,
      Everything about his love is beautiful and right.
      Her hair is long and flowing with a little bit of curl,
      She keeps it long and has since she was just a little girl.

      She flips the pages of the book and turns her head so slight,
      She still has on the nightie that she wore to bed last night.
      She pulls the bottom of the gown to cover both her feet,
      And as he watches her, his eyes drink in the visual treat.

      To him she is so beautiful he just stands there and stares,
      She always takes his breath away no matter what she wears.
      He's never loved another woman as he does love her,
      And no one can compare to how she makes his feelings stir.

      She turns another page and then she slowly flips her hair,
      And as she does she sees that he is smiling, standing there.
      She lays the little book beside her and she starts to grin,
      "Why are you just standing there and how long has it been?"

      He says, "I was just watching you because you look so sweet,"
      And then she smiles and he can feel his heart just skip a beat.
      He shakes his head and smiles at her and says, "I love you so,
      And just the sight of you like this still turns me on you know."

      She gets up from the sofa and she slowly walks his way,
      "You always say the sweetest things, you know just what to say.
      You are the one who makes me feel so beautiful like this,"
      And with her arms around his neck she says "give me a kiss."

      He kisses her and gently puts his hands around her waist,
      And as he does he thinks about how sweet her kisses taste.
      He's never known another and he knows he never would,
      Who makes him feel the way she does or even kissed this good.

      A love like this that last so long is very rare indeed,
      Love may last a lifetime but sometimes it's out of need.
      But love that keeps the passions burning keeps love in its prime,
      So fan the flames of your true love and fan it all the time.

      Love is like a roaring fire when it first begins,
      Just add some logs along the way and then it never ends.
      Keep adding them before you need them and it will get higher,
      But if ignored will flicker out until there is no fire.

      He pulls away and looks at her and much to his surprise,
      She has little streams of water running from her eyes.
      She said, "I get emotional when you do this you know,
      I love you more than life my love." and he whispers "ditto"

[ by James A. Kisner © 2002 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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