Golden Rules

    The sun is getting brighter and shines earlier at dawn,
    The winter snows and bitter cold will very soon be gone.
    The winter seemed so long this year and colder than before,
    It made you want to stay inside and not go out the door.

    He thinks maybe it’s not that bad, could he be getting old?
    There was a time when he was not concerned about the cold.
    There was a time when he would do the winter sort of things,
    Building snowmen, sledding, even skating at the rings.

    But then he thinks of many things that he no longer does,
    Like getting his hair trimmed because today it’s just a buzz.
    He laughs out loud while thinking of the things he used to do,
    When he was younger and would always look for something new.

    But life goes on and we get older; time just marches on,
    And in the blinking of an eye our youthfulness is gone.
    “It’s strange” he whispers “how some people age with so much grace”
    “While others feel there’s nothing left except a slower pace.

    He sees it on the faces of the people in the mall,
    Some are happy smiling faces still having a ball.
    Others look so mad and mean like they hate everyone,
    And look as if they can’t recall the last time they had fun.

    He wonders why the people change when golden years abound,
    Going one way or the other with no middle ground.
    Happy just to be alive enjoying every minute,
    Or being mean and nasty acting like they just resent it.

    He makes an observation that is truer than you know,
    Opposites attract each other and he knows it’s so.
    Watch an older couple when you’re somewhere out of reach,
    And you will see that in their marriage there is one of each.

    One is smiling or is quiet one is bold and mean,
    He wished he had a dollar for each couple that was seen.
    That fit this situation in his people watching time,
    He thinks “well it’s their business and I guess I should mind mine.”

    Maybe it’s because they’re scared and now they all resent,
    Wasting all those precious years and how they were all spent.
    Maybe they blame something else for worry or for strife,
    Maybe they just hate the way that they have lived their life.

    If that is so then others must be very satisfied,
    Taking their life as it comes to just enjoy the ride.
    They take each day and just enjoy what each new day will bring,
    Taking time to smell the flowers, even time to sing.

    Life is what they make it and most likely what they’ve made,
    Life is filled with bright sunshine but there is also shade.
    So in this life whatever comes along be positive,
    You might as well be happy with each day you have to live.

    So face realities of life, the good as well as bad,
    You might as well be smiling nothing comes from being sad.
    So when you reach the golden years be happy without care,
    You should at least be happy with the fact that you got there!

~ James A. Kisner ~

[ by James A. Kisner © 2005 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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