Her Heart's So Full of Jesus

          Have you seen a couple so in love
          there isn't any doubt
          what they're thinking, where their heads are,
          what their world is all about?
          it's as though the entire universe
          could simply cease to be,
          she's his world and he's her idol,
          every thought is "you and me."

          That's the same way some believers
          tend to love the Saviour so,
          just like lovers, it's so obvious!
          and there's one lady I know...
          when you count the smiling faces
          you can trace where she has been,
          and her heart's so full of Jesus
          that the world cannot get in!

          There's a trail of happy people
          that she leaves within her wake,
          for no matter how they grumble
          or rehearse each tiny ache,
          she knows how to lift their spirits,
          put a spark in each one's eye,
          'cause her heart's so full of Jesus
          people flock when she comes by!

          If you analyze her lifetime:
          here was sunshine ~ there was rain,
          you'd be awestruck she's so cheerful
          'cause she's had her share of pain,
          that's why folks are all drawn to her,
          with her trials, she should be down,
          but her heart's so full of Jesus,
          she inspires the entire town!

          So I celebrate this lady,
          we who know her love her so,
          she's a treasure sent from Heaven
          and a prayer warrior, I know,
          dimpled smiles and bubbly laughter,
          loving spirit, warm and wise,
          and her heart's so full of Jesus
          you can see it in her eyes!

~ Connie ~

"I thank my God upon
every remembrance of you."
(Philippians 1:3 KJV)

Happy Birthday, Butchie!

[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook Copyright © 2006 (cjcook@mynewroads.com) -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]


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