Here's to GUY'S

            I bought GUY'S chips
            'cause they don't fail,
            But to my shock
            the chips were stale!

            My teeth were set
            for crunchy chips
            Fresh from the bag
            straight to my lips.

            I wanted noise,
            I wanted sound ~
            Yet naught but silence
            did abound.

            Limp and greasy!
            Tasteless, flat!
            Wilted chips
            fit for a rat!

            As Dr. Seuss
            would sadly say,
            "These chips are blah!
            Take them away! ~

            "If these were all
            I had to eat
            Green Eggs and Ham
            would be a treat!"

            I asked myself,
            how can this be?
            Bad chips from GUY'S?
            What?! No-siree!

            The bag says: "Fresh!
            Mouth-watering good!"
            But these chips taste
            as "fresh" as wood!

            So now I'm sending
            you this note...
            You wanted comments,
            so I wrote.

            No matter what,
            the how's and why's,
            We can't have chips
            like this from GUY'S.

            No matter who
            or what's to blame,
            We can't have folks
            defile this name.

            For GUY'S unique!
            And, as you see,
            That special name
            belongs to me!

            So, "Here's to GUY'S!"
            A must for lunch!
            And let me taste
            their crispy crunch!

            Just make 'em fresh
            and you will see:
            I'm proud you share
            GUY'S name with me!

            aka Mrs. GUY Cook

            "A good name is more desirable
            than great riches."
            (Proverbs 22:1a, NIV)

            P.S. ~ GUY'S Chips responded to
            this with an adorable letter
            and a great sense of humor!
            AND, free coupons!!! :)

[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook ( -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]


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