In Memory of Helen Robowski

No, I never met the lady,
But I loved her just the same;
She was more than just a letter,
She was more than just a name.

Though I never met the lady
Still, she touched me as few could,
As she sent to me her gifts of love
And went about doing good.

For seated at her favorite chair,
Her inkpen gave her wings ~
To governors and presidents,
Plain folk to royal kings!

An envelope would come from her,
And treasures, letter-size:
A napkin, tea-bag, stick of gum,
Or some such small surprise.

I never met the lady
But I recognized her style ~
Her way of spreading cheer around
To nudge your lips to smile.

And when in that Eternal Land
Her dear face I shall see,
I'm sure that God will whisper:
"What you saw in her was Me!"


[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook ( -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]


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