Letter To Daughter

      Dear daughter:

      Tomorrow is your wedding day and everything is ready,
      It's hard for me to write these words and keep my fingers steady.
      I am so nervous thinking of so much to do that day.
      In 12 short hours I will give my little girl away.

      I have so much to say to you before we walk the isle,
      So I will write this letter even though it's not my style.
      I thought it would be easier to write the words to you.
      Then I would not forget my thoughts as I so often do.

      It's hard for me to realize that you are twenty-one.
      It seems like only yesterday your life had just begun.
      I remember your first steps and when you started walking.
      And "daddy" was your first word when you finally started talking.

      I remember coming home from work at five each day,
      Then you would jump into my arms and always you would say,
      "Mommy" Daddy's home from work and now we all can eat.
      Dinner time with you and Mom would make my day complete.

      After dinner you would always show me something new.
      Something you had made for me or something you would do.
      Then you went to school and started growing up so fast,
      The little homemade arts and crafts became things from the past.

      Becoming independent as you reached your teenage years.
      Learning how to deal with life and overcome your fears.
      My little girl was growing up and then I learned one thing,
      No longer could I keep her safely underneath my wing.

      I had to let you venture out discover all that's new.
      I think, it was the hardest thing I ever had to do.
      Many men can tell you as a father it can be,
      Scary when you let your daughter finally be free.

      You teach them right you teach them wrong your wisdom you impart.
      And then you set them free and let them follow their own heart.
      You guide them and you hope and pray the choices that they make.
      Create a life of happiness with every step they take.

      So on this night before I give my little girl away,
      I have written down the words and from my heart I'll say.
      You've grown into a woman from that little girl of mine.
      And I am proud to be your father you turned out just fine.

      In my mind I'll always see my daughter running wild.
      Playing all the little games when she was just a child.
      But tomorrow when I walk the isle there on my side.
      Will be my proudest moment with my daughter as a bride.

      I love you more than life itself and I can only pray.
      As I march you down the isle on your wedding day.
      You will be complete and happy when you say "I do"
      Because you've made my life a joy and daughter "I love You"

      Love, Dad

[ by James A. Kisner © 2001 (PoppyK1@aol.com) -- {used with permission} ]


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