Long Days

      The buzzing of the clock awakes her and she rubs her eyes,
      Morning always comes too soon when waken by surprise.
      Trying to sort out her thoughts while sitting in the dark,
      Whispering to herself a nasty bitter rude remark.

      She had slept so soundly and did not want to awake,
      How much longer could she do this? How much could she take?
      She thought " I really have no choice" another day's begun
      Another day when she would spend the whole day on the run.

      She slowly gets up to her feet to see if they still work,
      And feels a little pinch of pain that makes her body jerk.
      She shuffles to the kitchen to the waiting coffee pot,
      She needs her cup of coffee and today she needs a lot.

      Mondays always seem to be the worst day of the week,
      And today the sky is cloudy and it looks so bleak.
      Passing by the mirror in the foyer where it hung,
      She looks at it and makes a face and then sticks out her tongue.

      Opening up the door for cream, she frowns there as she hunches,
      Looking in the fridge, she had forgot to make the lunchs.
      The kids will have to buy their lunch she just can't do it now,
      But yesterday she had no cash so now she wonders how?

      Before she makes her rounds today as she delivers them,
      She'll have to stop off at the bank and use the ATM.
      As long as she's not late for work and kids are all on time,
      Everything should come off smooth and all will end up fine.

      So with her coffee cup in hand she's off to start the race,
      The first stop is the vanity where she puts on her face.
      Then with that in place she slowly starts to fix her hair,
      But as she does she notices her youngest standing there.

      She always tries to finish and get dressed before they wake,
      But on this day they're up already "oh for heaven's sake"
      Go get dressed she says and tell the others make it quick,
      You have to all eat breakfast, I don't want you getting sick.

      So gathered at the table all are dressed and out of bed,
      And she is clearing dishes as the troups are finally fed.
      Now get your books and get your coats and do not make me wait,
      I have to be to work on time and you cannot be late.

      So to the ATM she goes and then delivery,
      Dropping off each one of them to where they have to be.
      Then she gets to work on time without a failing heart,
      And someone has the nerve to say "let's give this day a start"

      She smiles as she thinks to herself and maybe rightly so,
      I have some news for you my friend I started hours ago.
      A woman in the work place may appear as all the others,
      And many may not know the long day of the working mothers.

      As the work day closes out and going home is near.
      For today the work is done at least the work that's here.
      But the work is never finished for a working mother,
      She just leaves one job behind while going to another.

      Finished with her daytime job, the homework's now the rule,
      And this is not the kind of homework that you had in school.
      Child care, cleaning, cooking, washing, shopping, all with love,
      Never drawing any salary for the jobs above.

      And when the day is ended and her jobs are all complete,
      She may even find the time to now get off her feet.
      Then when she sits and thinks of it she has this little grin,
      If all goes well tomorrow she can do it all again.

      So I for one salute you for your steadfast loyality,
      The dedication to your job and to your family,
      No matter if it's out of need or what your paycheck covers,
      No one has a longer day than all the working mothers.

[ by James A. Kisner © 2002 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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