My After Christmas Christmas

    The tree is trimmed, the shopping's done, the presents are all wrapped.
    I won't be tired this evening, because I've already napped.
    It is the night I've waited for, my children will be coming,
    And all my little grandbabies will fly through my door running.

    Excitement overtakes them as they reach their Poppy's place,
    Knowing there are presents keep the smiles upon their face.
    They know their Poppy loves the Christmas time as much as they,
    But as they open up the presents, there's a game to play.

    They each had Christmas morning at their homes on Christmas day,
    But this is always after Christmas, on a Saturday.
    This is just a Christmas bonus after all is done,
    This is like a second Christmas seeing everyone.

    But before they open presents it is time to eat,
    Poppy has a special dish, that is the Christmas treat.
    Hot out of the oven and as fresh as it can be,
    Poppy's homemade pizza is his specialty.

    Every kind and every topping you could ever know,
    Even hotdog pizza for the one who loves it so.
    Sausage, peppers, pepperoni, olives and the rest,
    And a special deluxe "hot" one, brave ones always test.

    Then it's time to open presents when the feast is done,
    Now the parents stuffed and resting, while the kids have fun.
    The presents always have. . . a secret coded key,
    And the children notice it as they approach the tree.

    Sometimes the presents have a special number on a list,
    And Poppy looks the number up as they ask "whose is this?"
    Sometimes they have some letters on them, you must match with him,
    Who has that letter anyway? ... it's on his list again.

    Sometimes they have some funny names like goofy, slick or fuzz,
    And no one knows who they are for, but they know Poppy does.
    Poppy always makes a game and everyone will win,
    And it goes on for hours until time to eat again.

    All the presents opened now and toys are everywhere.
    They know it's Poppy's, but it looks like Santa was just there.
    Now it's time to top it off and they know what's in store,
    Desserts of every shape and size and Christmas petit fours.

    Christmas is for children, I have heard some people say,
    Get a tree and buy some toys and let them have their way.
    But all the Christmas hype won't do if it is done uncaring,
    The meaning of the Christmas spirit comes when you are sharing.

    Peace on earth, good will to men, and celebrate His birth,
    And do it with the ones you love for all that it is worth.
    Christmas comes but once a year, so gather those you love,
    And celebrate this special day as angels do above.

    Don't be ashamed of giving gifts, the wise men gave them too,
    And celebrate with all your heart as all the angels do.
    Just remember and rejoice in why we have this day,
    And during all your celebrating just take time to pray.

    Be thankful for this time of year and pray for peace throughout,
    Be thankful for this time of year and all that it's about.
    Be thankful and I wish you all the happiest Yule time,
    And as you've read, you know that I will surely enjoy mine.

[ by James A. Kisner © 2002 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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