Seaside Balcony

The waves are pounding on the beach,
The sun is coming up.
I watch some people as I reach,
To get my coffee cup.

Sitting on the balcony,
With panoramic view,
I sip some coffee from my cup,
As I gaze out at you.

You love to sit out on the beach,
At the break of day.
You say it is your quiet time,
To catch the sun's first ray.

The sky is filled with brilliant light,
The sun is breaking through.
The scene is so breathtaking,
It surrounds you with its hue.

You look so peaceful and serene,
Without a worldly care.
The only movement is the breeze,
That gently blows your hair.

The sun is shining brightly now,
I see your silhouette.
The picture that's before me now,
I never will forget.

You are so very beautiful,
My mind can't comprehend.
The reason that you love me,
Out of all the other men.

You are so loving and committed,
You say you are mine.
You say you only want to love,
And please me all the time.

I've never known a love like yours,
And I can truly say,
There's never been another,
Who could make me feel this way.

My love for you is total,
It is more than flesh and bone,
And all I am and all I have,
I give to you alone.

Emotions overwhelm me,
As you stand and start to turn,
And deep within my heart,
I feel a raging start to burn.

You are so very beautiful,
And perfect in my mind,
And as you walk back to the room,
You've had your quiet time.

I hear you come into to the room,
And from the balcony,
I hear you whisper out my name,
Please come make love to me.

I turn to see your shadowed form,
As you now beckon me,
And wonder as I look at you,
How lucky can I be?

To have the perfect woman,
Who is so in love with me,
And share this special moment,
From the seaside balcony.

[ by James A. Kisner © 1999 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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