For months I have been counting... till I see you once again,
      A tour of duty sometimes seems... like it will never end.
      I serve my country faithfully... it's what I want to do,
      But being overseas like this... means I'm away from you.

      At Christmas it was lonely... because I was not at home,
      And I know that you missed me too... because you were alone.
      I know the separation was... not even a full year,
      But as I think of seeing you... I wipe away a tear.

      To see your smiling face again... and hold you close to me,
      Is what I've dreamed and thought about... to keep my sanity.
      To think of seeing you again... and just behold your beauty,
      We're down to counting only days... to end this tour of duty.

      I know that I have done my job... while serving Uncle Sam,
      I am a US soldier and it made me... who I am.
      But as I serve my country... and defend red, white and blue,
      I know that while you wait for me... that is a duty too.

      So knowing that you wait for me... while I am far away,
      Makes me love you even more... and I just want to say,
      I love you for your sacrifice... of waiting faithfully,
      I love you for your precious love... that you bestow on me.

      With only days for us to count... until I'm home again,
      We can love and laugh again... the way its always been.
      We can hold each other tight... and share our precious love,
      Now with only days before us... that's what I think of.

      So sweetheart I will soon be home... My tour is down to days,
      And we can stand so tall and proud... when we see our flag raised.
      I followed all my orders and... did what I had to do,
      And all the others here with me... have done their duty too.

      I love you because you are waiting... patiently for me,
      I love you because you support... what ever is to be.
      I love you because once again... our lives will be in tune,
      I love you so much sweetheart... and I'll see you very soon.

~ James A. Kisner ~

[ by James A. Kisner ( -- {used with permission} ]


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