Still The Greatest

      I hear the politicians talk from both sides of their mouth.
      This will be the 'year of change' we'll make a turnabout.
      We'll fix the taxes that you pay we know they're way too high.
      We know for half the people it's a struggle to get by.

      We'll work on education we know that it's lacking too.
      We'll hire a new director and see just what we can do.
      We know our seniors worry about their security,
      And wonder when retiring just how many checks they'll see.

      Then there is the problem of the fleeting Medicare,
      And wonder should they need it thinking will it still be there?
      Then there is the crime that's running rampant in the land,
      Because the average punishment is slapping of the hand.

      Sex and drugs and alcohol are flaunted in our face.
      No longer is addiction looked upon as a disgrace.
      There was a time when helping others was the thing to do,
      But now, if you're not careful they will turn on you and sue.

      Selfishness and greed have overtaken charity.
      The cry that's heard throughout the land, "what can you do for me?"
      This country's slipped a notch or two from what has made it great.
      We still have time to heal the wounds before it is too late.

      We need to stop the foolishness and selfish attitude,
      And realize together we can change this country's mood.
      'United' was the first word in this country since its birth.
      Today it's still the greatest nation that there is on earth.

      'United' is the key word that has kept this country grand.
      We must, again, unite together all throughout our land.
      Working with a common goal to make our country strong.
      Not pouting like a spoiled child when anything goes wrong.

      We can make our country stronger than it's ever been,
      Or we can watch as it decays from selfishness within.
      The choices that the people make decide a country's fate.
      We must, again, join hand in hand before it is too late.

      We need to start right where we are with everyone we meet.
      With people in our neighborhoods and strangers on the street.
      Attitudes must start to change we need to slow our pace.
      We need to learn to love again the entire human race.

      Our prejudices and bigotry we need to lay aside,
      And behold all our fellow men with honor and with pride.
      We need to help our government and leaders to resolve,
      The problems facing all of us we need to get involved.

      This is the greatest country and it has been from the start,
      And each and every one of us confess it in our heart.
      We know we want to keep it great, but we have lost our sight,
      And selfishly among ourselves we argue and we fight.

      We feel that we have lost control to powers high about,
      When asked about America the country that we love.
      We can once again enjoy this country brave and free,
      But only if we join as brothers can it ever be.

      America, the beautiful, our country brave and free,
      How long we have to sing its praise is up to you and me.

~ James A. Kisner ~

[ by James A. Kisner © 1998 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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