Thanksgiving Action

      All across this country as... Thanksgiving Day draws near,
      We all make preparations for... this joyous time of year.
      We celebrate Thanksgiving... as we think about the reason,
      It also is the day that always... starts our Christmas season.

      Thanksgiving Day until we reach... our welcomed brand New Year,
      It is a time to celebrate... and also shed a tear.
      Sharing with the ones we love... our family and our friends,
      It seems our hearts have much more love... until the season ends.

      Each year finds us different... as we sit down to the meal,
      And those that share the meal with us... determine how we feel,
      To have your family there with you... enjoying those you love,
      But each year can be different... if one has gone above.

      We never think a time will come... when we will lose someone,
      We think about when they were here... enjoying all the fun.
      The holidays are special... as we go from year to year,
      And never think about a time... when one just won't be here.

      For years the holidays have come... and gone without a change,
      The family's gotten bigger... so some chairs were rearranged.
      Adding to the family... is a blessing we enjoy,
      A brand new baby daughter... or a bouncing baby boy.

      A daughter or a son-in-law... we welcome to our midst,
      And hopefully become a part... enjoying all of this.
      Each new member brings a change... as we enjoy transition,
      And beam with joy as they become... a part of our tradition.

      But this may be a year of change... you lost someone instead,
      There is an emptiness around... this change is what you dread.
      For years they were a part of you... enjoying all of this,
      But now there is a void around... and it is them you miss.

      So as you try to do the same... without them being here,
      It's difficult to share the joy... and not bring forth a tear.
      But we must also realize... the love we have for them,
      And love the family here with us... the way it's always been.

      So as you gather for your feast... with those you love the most,
      As a guest for dinner... or the tired, but blessed host.
      Enjoy the love of family... on this very special day,
      And just before you eat the meal... just bow your head and pray.

      Thank you for my family... and the friends who've come our way,
      Thank you for the love we share... while gathered here today.
      Thank you for the loved ones... who were here but have gone on,
      Thank you for the years we had... we treasure every one.

      Thank you for a heart so full... we want to share with others,
      Thank you for the families... that now share with one another.
      Thank you for this time of year... when love just seems to grow,
      Thank you for this time of year... and why we love it so.

      Thank you for this holiday... but let us realize,
      Today is all we really have... and it's before our eyes.
      So raise your heads and hug the ones... sitting at your table.
      Tell them how you love them so... today... while you're still able.

[ by James A. Kisner © 2001 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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