That's My Daddy

          If there's a smile on his face
          For the whole human race,
          That's my Daddy.

          If kids are anywhere around,
          He's their magician-circus clown,
          That's my Daddy.

          When gripes and moans surround him,
          They don't faze him, they don't down him...

          When all else is going wrong,
          You don't have to wait for long,
          He'll soon bellow out a song,
          That's my Daddy.

          He'll talk the legs right off a stranger,
          If you're a sourpuss, you're in danger...

          You've met
          The king of ornery teasers,
          And people-pleasers...

          He's a corker!
          And what's more, sir,
          That's my Daddy!


[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook ( -- submitted by: Connie Hinnen Cook ]


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