The Christmas Touch

      The night is dark and cold as he just shivers in his sack,
      Thinking of his life and time so many years way back.
      He had a home and family and a normal sort of life,
      Four children who he loved so much and such a perfect wife.

      He had a home and brand new cars and money in the bank,
      But pressures of maintaining it is probably why he drank.
      He drank to keep his sanity and ease his worried mind,
      But even after worry left he still drank all the time.

      His friends would say they understood why he had one or two,
      But many nights he heard them say what's gotten into you?
      You do not drink to ease your mind it's not that hard to see,
      You lost control and now you drink to flee reality.

      He laughed at them for saying that, how could they understand,
      He said he had more pressures in his life than any man.
      He told them that he had control and they were not to fret,
      But soon they stopped confronting him when he got so upset.

      Then one by one his friends were gone, he chased them all away,
      Sitting all alone and drinking each and every day.
      Soon his wife got tired of it but he just did not care,
      Then one night when he got home there was nobody there.

      This pushed him even more to drink to ease his worried mind,
      Thinking he was in control while others were so blind.
      He had control and no one else could tell him what to do,
      But soon his job was lost and with it all his income too.

      But he was not so worried and he had cash in the bank,
      Such a stupid reason firing him because he drank.
      Anyway he wanted change he had convinced himself,
      So he would sell his house and move with his equity wealth.

      The house was sold and money gained to boost his bank account,
      And he felt safe and so secure with such a large amount.
      So off he went to seek his life anew and far away,
      And while he tried to build a life he still drank everyday.

      New friends in a new city and a brand new job and car,
      And he was known by his first name around his local bar.
      But new friends soon departed and were quick to realize,
      They were watching him go downhill right before their eyes.

      Soon the new job vanished and the bank account depleted,
      Now he finds himself alone and totally defeated.
      Friends and loved ones are all gone and now he has poor health,
      And no one wants to help him and he only blames himself.

      The night is getting colder now he shivers in the cold,
      Feeling down and beaten and so very, very old.
      No one cares about him on the lonely Christmas Eve,
      All he had and all he lost is reason now to leave.

      With nothing left to live for and his hope dashed into bits,
      Thinking of the life he had just drives him into fits.
      Now it is too late to wake up it has all been lost,
      Now he finally realizes what his life has cost.

      What a time to finally wake up here at Christmas season.
      Realizing what you did just had no rhyme or reason.
      Basking in self-pity with no future hope in site,
      Sitting all alone and crying in the cold dark night.

      The air is filled with glitter now as snow begins to fall,
      As he laments of what he had and how he lost it all.
      But suddenly he feels a warmth that starts to radiate,
      He hears a voice within his mind that says it's not too late.

      The quiet voice that speaks to him is one he's never known,
      But reassures him gently that he is not left alone.
      We know your here an angel says but we just had to wait,
      Until you finally realized that nothing's left to fate.

      We know your downfalls and your struggles and your broken heart,
      And on this Christmas Eve our message is a brand new start.
      The angels find you where you are to offer hope to you,
      To seek the things important as so many often do.

      His heart was overflowing with a warmth he did not know,
      And words of starting over now had brought an inner glow.
      He felt the inspiration touch his soul and inner being,
      He knew an angel had been there without him even seeing.

      So on this Christmas Eve no matter where you find yourself,
      Mourning for a lost one or finances or your health.
      Remember you are not alone to suffer and to grieve,
      Life can once again be cherished if you will believe.

      Believe in life, believe in you, believe there is a way,
      Believe in all the reasons that we have a Christmas Day.
      Believe in all the reasons for that little baby's birth.
      And once again the words will ring "Good will and peace on earth"

[ by James A. Kisner © 2001 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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