The Favor

          Now God, I ain't no prayin' man,
          guess I git by the best I can,
          But Tildy, God, she's got real sick
          and doc sez she could go right quick,
          O, God! he sez she might could die!
          my Tildy-gal, my honey-pie!
          Our only child, our young son Ben,
          the day he died, she took ill then,
          Thet bear wuz huge!  I shot a round,
          but even with my trusty hound,
          Thet monster chonked on young Ben's head
          an' jest like thet, my boy wuz dead!
          Then Tildy took ta grievin' so,
          she turned ta stone, she got so low,
          She couldn't sleep, she couldn't speak,
          she couldn't eat ~ she got so weak
          She couldn't budge thet rockin' chair,
          all's she could do wuz slump an' stare.
          God, I don't claim ta know Yore ways,
          but I got skeered an' prayed fer days
          Thet Yew might resurrect my boy,
          give back my wife, restore her joy,
          A second chance ta start agin,
          jest like Yew did fer Lazarus' kin.
          It got so folks'd all steer clear
          when they eyed me, they'd disappear!
          They'd call me daft, tetched in the head,
          they'd tell me thet my son wuz dead,
          They'd say, "Ben's gone!  Git on with life!"
          then ask after my ailin' wife.
          My Tildy-gal, light on her feet,
          the purtiest gal yew'd hope ta meet,
          My Tildy, sweet an' sassy, she,
          (broke grown men's hearts when she picked me!)
          My Tildy, with the laughin' eyes,
          God, I won't make it if she dies.
          She's all I got, all I hold dear,
          so God, could Yew see Yore way clear:
          If Tildy's days are over, then
          I'd reckon it a favor ~ when
          Yew tote my Tildy home with Yew...
          could Yew cum back an' fetch me, too?

~ Connie ~

"Hope deferred
    maketh the heart sick."
(Proverbs 13:12 KJV)

[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook Copyright © 2006 ( -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]


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