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Inspirational and Christian POEMS -- Valentine's Day.
Valentine's flowers and candy. Valentine's Day Be Sweetly Blessed Valentine's day is for all ages It's love at first sight Forever on through the ... - 5 K - 27 Feb 2010

"Summer Day Beauty" | POEMS - Inspirational and Christian
Young girl blowing on a flower, in a field of flowers. Summer Day Beauty A meadow of the emerald green clover Awoved with the ... - 6 K - 11 Jul 2012

"Spring Creation From God" | POEMS - Inspirational and Christian
Pretty red wild flowers with snow capped mountains in the background. Spring Creation From God From the beginning till right now God created spring ... - 6 K - 25 Apr 2012

"Spring Birth Explosion" | POEMS - Inspirational and Christian
Spring explosion of Sunflowers all over the hills under a blue sky with fluffy clouds. Spring Birth Explosion Everything looks a greening fascination Mesmerized ... - 6 K - 24 Apr 2012

Inspirational and Christian POEMS -- Keep A Pure Heart.
Woman praying by a stream. Keep A Pure Heart All keep a grip Of what's spoken from ones' lips Live in a moral way ... - 5 K - 4 Sep 2009

Inspirational and Christian POEMS -- In The Midst Of Light.
Beam of light in the mist. In The Midst Of Light Gods invisible eyes are in sight In the midst of light In fellowship ... - 4 K - 2 Jun 2011

Inspirational and Christian POEMS -- In The Country.
Young girl running with a kite in an open field. In The Country Lord give me happiness in the country Where the birds sing ... - 5 K - 24 Jan 2010

Inspirational and Christian POEMS -- I Believe.
Young boy in a field, arms raised, praising. I Believe I believe there is a blessing In god's storage for me each day I ... - 5 K - 15 Jan 2010

Inspirational and Christian POEMS -- Hear God's Voice.
Trees in a forest with, light rays shining in. Hear God's Voice Deep in the silence of the wilderness Was where I'd go to ... - 5 K - 6 Apr 2010

Inspirational and Christian POEMS -- Father Plants A Garden.
Father's garden. Father Plants A Garden In the dirt father planted seed To fill his families needs Then later a beautiful garden grew From ... - 5 K - 13 Jun 2010
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