Three Wise Men riding camels.

A Christmas Poem

The snow is on the ground,
And the smell of pine is all around,
We can hear those wonderful carolers,
And all of those Christmas sounds.

Family and friends get together,
And open presents by the tree,
The kids are so excited,
They want everyone to see.

But let us not forget,
What this holiday is all about,
It is the birthday of our Savior,
And that is sure no doubt.

So let us never forget,
That we are so very blessed,
Our Savior made this all possible,
And He's none like the rest.

Merry Christmas!

~ Debbie Bongiovanni ~
Copyright © 2011
All Rights Reserved
[ by: Debbie Bongiovanniust, Copyright © 2011 ( -- submitted by: Debbie Bongiovanni ]

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