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Jul 25, 2017

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Golf Questions
KIDS KORNER 15 On-going
True Or False
Weapons Of Destruction
You Know You Are A Bad Cook When
Catholic Dictionary
Time For A Trade In
Politically Correct School Terms
Ozark Speak
Eating Worms
Family Laughing
Our Newest Humor - For You
The Engineering Test
A Few Of My Favorite Things
Biblical Stories--Today's Media
First Kiss
Importance Of Proofreading
Men Are From Sears And Women From Nordstroms
To Prepare For Your Hospital Experience
Salesman And Monkeys
Fear Of Flying
Pinewood Church Dinner
Questions And Answers From SAT Tests
Corporate Rowing
My Forgetter
Moses And God
Letter To My Dog
God In Adverts
Signs Technology Has Taken Over Your Life
Why Dogs Are Better Pets Than Cats
College Form Letter
KIDS KORNER 22 On-going
Dried Peas
Elderly Texting
True Southerner Knows
How To Lie To The Bathroom Scales
Laws Of Work
British Speed Trap
Redneck Church
Job Assignment Procedure
Illiterate Immigrant
Night Before Thanksgiving
Boot Camp
Building A Campfire
Better Error Messages--Haiku Poetry
Civil Servants
Computer Gender
King Authur--The Witch
Bible Reciting Parrot
I Bring You Franken-thine
Do Not Despair
True E'mail Addict
Two Buckets Of Fish
The Attack Of The Killer Bunny
Cowboy And Big'city Church
Florida Blessing
Say It With Me
What Is Love
A Lesson
Twas The Night Of Thanksgiving
Mammogram Appointment
To Be A Kid Again
Your Dog Is Calling
To My Dear Friend--(Pastors Letter)
Clarification Of The Corporate Structure
Aeronautical Engineer
Sailing Terms
Funny Signs
Failing With Style
Childs Sermon
Son To Israel
Recruitment Of Pilots
The Pope
Can't Talk To My Back
How A Bill Becomes Law
Cooking Terms
An Ode To The Outhouse
Patience Prayer
Coffee Addict
Trash Day
Automotive Christmas Gifts
Grandparent Surprises
The Toughest Decision
Differences Between Men And Women
What A Play
Well Known Phrases
The Tyranny Of Towels
Senator--Heaven And Hell
Top Secret
Pastoral Good News'bad News
JOKE JESTER 01 On-going
Mother Superior Is Feeling Superior
I Love My Job
Miracle Machine
Highest Priority
Marriage Definitions
A Trip To The Oral Surgeon
Ten Rules Of Housekeeping
Dear Boss
Dog And Cat Medicus
The Couple
Why God Created Pets
The Perfect Husband
Nit's Chief Picker
Letter From A Mother To Her Son
Llama Drama
Not A PTA Mom
No Gun Hunting
Horoscopes For Your Job Position
Duct Tape
Label Instructions
Yooper Guys
Jesus Is Watching
Camping--Seeing Stars
Real Story--The Three Bears
Midwest Wisdom
Santa Claus Is A Woman
KIDS KORNER 11 On-going
Dear Mom
What Men Call Their Women
Paul Newman--Ice Cream
Old Man--Little Boy
Conflicting Proverbs
Proposal Information
Dear Science Teacher
Pope's Debate
Important Rules Of Writing
Teacher Says--Teacher Means
Mom Was Right
KIDS KORNER 18 On-going
Three Cajuns--One Ticket
Hanging Christmas Lights
It's Over
The ABCs Of Aging
Technologically Challenged
Childern As Pets
Mom's Definitions
Why Are We Here
Handling Telemarketers
JOKE JESTER 07 On-going
Too Much Coffee
From Men To Women
Military Words Of Wisdom
1950's Wives
Religious One Liners
Perfect Retirement Plan
Alternative Retirement Home
Brain Transplant
Can't We Feed Bears
Excuses For Not Going To Work
What He Says--What He Means
Speeding Bike
Spelling Checker
Where A Driver Is From
Bear Preaching
Golf Quotes
Truths From Little Children
True Michigander
Child Prayers
Facts Of Life
Wash My Dog
Gene Splicing--Reality
New Labor Rules
Christmas Questions
Why Do You Want A Divorce
Just The Way We Are
Heaven Spelling
Silicon Valley Slang
Tornado Info
Tower Conversations
Skiing Preparation
50 Plus
The Laws
Cruise Control
Trip To Walmart
The Barber
How To Tell If You Are A Baptist
Mom's Bath Note
Newspaper Readers
A New Orleans Lawyer
Teenage Daughter's Bedroom
Bran Muffins
Think You Are Having A Bad Day
If Microsoft Had Been The First To Invent Books
Scottish Lad And Lass
Clamshell Christmas
A Mother's Dictionary
Dear Wife Email
Ticketless Travelling
Wisconsin Humor
Medical Misstatements
The Practical Joker
Wife Going Deaf
An Ode To Customer Service
New Home
Counting Sheep
Religious Puppies
Ten Inches
Jury Deliberation
Company Policy
Miracle Doctor
Trading Places--Man And Woman Trade Roles
Automatic Email Replies
Aussie Speak
Wise Sayings
Flight Safety
You Are Late
Child Rearing FAQ
Answering Machines
Deficient Noun Disease
How Not To Rob Banks
Electronic Parish
For Lexophiles--Lovers Of Words
Bad Science
How To Bathe A Cat
Men Bashing
Workman's Compensation
There Should Be An App
Thoughts To Ponder
A Change In Plans
A Daily Survival Kit
Chocolate Is A Vegetable
Lawsuit Party Animal
Vacuum Cleaner Salesman
The Bricklayer
In A Perfect World
Monkey Business
Nativity Scene--Teddy Bear
Living In Houstin
What I Learnt From The Movies
Mom's Laundry Rules
The Balance Of God
Science--As Seen By Kids
Tis A Few Weeks Til Christmas
Warning Labels
Tooth Fairy Form Letter
You're A Mom When
Genealogy Quips
Little Johnny
Couples Golf Tournament
Baseball In Heaven
On My Way To School
Twinkle Twinkle Little Toe
Telephone Poetic Justice
Texas Triva
Laws Of Parenting
Dead Mule In The Churchyard
Catholic Community
Fundmentalist Dog
In The 21st Century
Airport Mistletoe
Holiday Eating Tips
Husband Pleases Wife
Virginia's Finest Sampler
Tough Year
Farmer Joe
Kitty Prayer
Without An Email Address
Lawyer Talk
Preachers One Wish
Men's Essential Guide To Women's English
Skunk And The Preacher
You Won't See In Cards
Murphys Household Laws
KIDS KORNER 04 On-going
About Mothers
The Perfect Church
Yooper Airlines
Santa Claus--Vacation
Bronze Rat
Polite Insults
Be A Kid Again
Musicians Tips
To Your Health
Trivial Pursuits
Golf Match
The Plus Sign
Internet Resolutions
Makes You Wonder
Little Johnny--Aptitude Test
Heaven's Balcony Railing
Classroom Justice
A Terible Illness
A Week At The Gym
Prison Life vs Job
Dog Food Diet
A Dogs Letters To God
Golf Book Tips
KIDS KORNER 17 On-going
Caesar Salad Now Legal
The Rules
Shopping Ages
Signs You Have A Cheap HMO Plan
Yoga Puts Me In A Bad Position
Men Will Never Win
New Office Slang
The Main Differences
And To All A Good Night
Calls--Golf Course
If There Were Computers In 1776
An Ounce Of Prevention
Signs Of A Frustrated Mother
Turkey Talk Line
Why Dogs Shouldn't Use Computers
Tips For Real Men
Golf--Perfect Eyesight
Best Singles Ad
Signs You Are Living In The 21st Century
Nuclear Comments
Cleaning Poem
Toilet Facilities
Psych Support Group
Golf Facts
Two Nuts
Brother Dominic
Teenager In Love
Tips For Ski Season
Learned From A Hurricane
Ole And Clarence
JOKE JESTER 09 On-going
Ghost Car
A Cowgirl
Little Johnny And The Fat Lady
You Might Be A Preacher
Show Your Stupid Sign
Bible Questions--Answers
KIDS KORNER 12 On-going
A Secretary's Rules For The Boss
Yankee--Southern Dawgs
Fried Chicken
Man--Flu Facts
A Teenager Is
Rules For Dogs
We're In More Trouble Than We Thought
Dear Ma And Pa--(Military Humor)
The BP Oil Spill
They Dont Need God
Are You A Prune
KIDS KORNER 14 On-going
Office Happenings
Things Not To Say When Hanging Christmas Tree Lights
The Scariest Costume
Power Of Pigskin
Volunteer Fire Department
Resume Mistakes
From California If
Kids Understand Love
Ten Public Servants
What Time Is It
Courses Women Wish For Men
Turkey Poem
Smart Dog
The Modern Genesis
California Driving
Good Shepherd
Coffin Confessions
Golf Caddy Advice
Preparation For Parenthood
Step On It
Michigan Slogans
Analogies--Metaphors Found In High School Essays
Rules Of Housecleaning
Technically Challenged
Airline Announcements
Tin Can Technology
Political Correctness For Kids
Three Legged Chicken
Intellectually Challenged
Yugo Musings
Things To Ponder
A Kiss
During Boring Sermons
Baseball Fans
The Diary Of A Snow Shoveler
College Dictionary
Midwestern Ways
Electrical Pole
Colorado Musings
Grace Alone
Why I Love Mom
Teens In A Tree
Knowing People
It's So Hot That
Tech Support
Diet Excuses
A Mothers Brownie Recipe
All I Need To Know
The Holiday
Minivan Mentality
Beauty Shop Dropout
Housekeeping Tips For Regular People
The 23rd Channel
The Trooper And The Juggler
Restaurant Order
A Woman's Random Thoughts
KIDS KORNER 13 On-going
New Drugs On The Market
New Pastors Sermon
Christmas Lights
A Valentine Miss--My Mate
English Grammer Tips
Quiz--Know Everything
A Woman's Thoughts On Life
Kids Letters--President
Good Son
Signs Your Life Is Too Computerized
Why Teachers Weep
Actual Library Queries
Parachute Paradigm
The Letter
Change A Light Bulb
Trip To The Moon
Devil Goes To Church
Pope And The Lord's Prayer
Murphy's Laws--Nurses
Surgery Comments
JOKE JESTER 06 On-going
Preachers Donkey
Gift Wrapping With The Help Of Your Cat
Temperature Activity
Word Power
Bagpipe Jokes
Weather Forecast
What Caused That Error Message
Most Wonderful Time Of Year
Accident Excuses
Surrounded By Sharks
A Bachelors Kitchen Guide
Mother's Day Special
Email Ennui
Have You Got The Time
Wrapping Presents With Dogs
Cat In Heaven
Kosher Teeth
Will Rogers On The Government And Politics
Leave A Message
Special Golf Ball
New And Use Horses
Life In Hypochandria
Pearly Gates
Redneck Wheelchair User
Football Entrance Exam
Pebble Beach
Kids Letters
Police Comments
The Spell Chequer
House Cleaning Tips For Men
I Know I'm Smart
Gender Of Items
Dog Breeds
Picnic Without A Bottle Opener
A Mothers Wisdom
Thanksgiving Leftovers
Things Dogs Must Remember
University Entrance Exam--Football Player Edition
Fourth Wedding
The Sneeze
The Laws Of Life
Office Job Descriptions
Learning To Fly
The Housekeeper
Lawyer--Blonde Game
If Life Was Like A Computer
Catholic Horses
School Employees
Why Woman Are Cranky
Breakfast Prunes
Driver's Test
Halloween Personae
Paying The Bills
Tired Of Those High Paid Teachers
Rushing Around In College
Humorous Signs
One Day After Christmas
The Wayside Chapel
Actual Instructions
Computaholic 12step Program
Short Funny Questions
Theological Arguments
Fascinating Irrelevant Facts
Ferrari And Moped
A Flare For Cooking
Work Rules For All Employees
The Seamstress
Wise Sayings--Government
Deep Thoughts
Golf Prayer
The Fish Trial
Texas--Night Before Christmas
Newspaper Bloopers
Nuns And The Vampire
Procrastinators Creed
Exercising With Your Dog
A Cowboys Prayer
Graduate Nurses vs Experienced Nurses
High Maintenance Woman
Salesman--Hunting Dog
Talk To The Hand
The Month After Christmas
Hole In One--Proof
Rules For Kids
Falling Off The Wagon
It's 3 Am
When Life Begins
Candle Lighting
Steam'room Rules
Actual Excerpts
No Nursing Home For Me
Science Quotes From Kids2
Things To Think About
Math--Little Johnny
My Hobby--Renting Skis
Seniors Unite
Kitchen Signs
Walk To School
Questions Without Answers
Cat's Computer Dictionary
Newlywed Problem
Twas The Month After Christmas
You Know You're In Arizona When
JOKE JESTER 02 On-going
Who Is The Shepherd
What The Dog Thinks
More Things I Learned From My Childern
Ten Commandments--Pastor
The B and B
Hard Times For Humor
KIDS KORNER 07 On-going
Tips For Being Handy
Modern Church
Why Women Lie
Teenager Owner's Manual
Bathing Suit Blues
Men Say--Women Hear
Being Sucessful
Christmas Downsizing
You Don't Hear Anymore
Kids Takes On Life
Think About It
Baby Talk
Dude--Where's My Son
Chewing On Chores
Perfect Couple
If College Students Wrote The Bible
Home Remedies--Misc Info
Fun Bible Info
Ads Gone Wrong
Bad Day'1
Kosher Computers
Animal Football Game
A Dogs Life
Golf--The The Most Honorable Sport
Words Are Tools
The Married Cold
Church Signs
Paraprosdokians Examples
Aussie Road Train
Theme Park
Golf For The First Time
KIDS KORNER 08 On-going
Baptist And Methodist
Women's T Shirts
Little Old Ladies
Attending The Resurrection
Your Daily Dose Of Inspiration
Flu Dancing
How Many Kids
Rabbit Reasearch Lab
Biker And A Squirrel
Lessor Known Laws
Company Motivation Posters--You'll Never See
Old Lame Signs
Theory Of M&M Evolution
Fractured Dictionary
Ethical Behavior For Patients
Murphy's Laws For Parents
A Kitty Prayer
Man And Cat
Excuses For Sleeping
How Does Your State Rate
Sniffer The Labrador
Think You're Having A Bad Day
Funny T--Shirts
Business 101
On Line
Cat Quiz
We Are What We Eat
Modern Grandma
Customer's Guide To Supermarket Shopping
Pirates And Packers
How To Get Rid Of Your Preacher--HUMOR--Serious Message
A Female Looks In The Mirror
Answering Machine Messages
The Turkey Shot Out Of The Oven
Alligator Swim
Survival Tips
Work In Corporate America
Questions Asked At National Parks
Office Posters We'd Like To See
If Airlines Sold Paint
Rookie Baseball Player
New Error Messages
When A Man Cooks For A Woman
Only A Mother
Test For People That Know Everything
Golf--Stevie And Tiger
Garden Wars
Tornado Glossary
You Might Be In The Wrong Church
Poem For Texans
An Honest Golfer
Learned At The Movies
Ugliest Suit
Military Helicopter Simulation
Plumber's Pants
KIDS KORNER 09 On-going
Mental Health Hotline
Measuring Up
From The Dog About The Cat
Translation Problems
Australia Factoids
Telemarketers--Have Fun
The Dragon Lady
Lose End And The Laundry
Buzzwords Of 2003
How Cold Was It
Missouri Farm Kid
Ancient Tech Support
KIDS KORNER 10 On-going
Church Improvements
Kayak Lessons
Ode To Spam
Will Rogers
Up North
The Fastest Thing
Overdoing Thanksgiving
Pet Place
Sea Shore Mystery
Play Ball--Metaphors
Golf Gotcha
Priest And Politician
Proof Read Your Bulletin
Hospital Ranks
Pilots--On The Radio
How To Plan A Family Reunion
Bad Day In The ER
Redneck Night Before Christmas
Exceptional Golfer
How To Administer Medication To Your Cat
On Marriage
The Gift Grinches
More Little Johnny
Santa Claus Is A Woman--A Rebuttal
Rabbit Fox Wolf Fable
Forrest Gump And Heaven
If You Love Somebody
A Debt Free Holiday
Speeding--Helpful Wife
Why Dogs Are Better Than Men
Political Correctness--Teenagers
Texas Tales
Brain Teasers
Grandmas On The Net
European Diplomacy
Walk On Water
Teachers On The 8th Day
Rock And A Hard Place
Short Term Memory Loss
The Chili Judge
KIDS KORNER 05 On-going
Church Chain Of Command
Teaching Math
Early Retirement
Christmas Humor
On Being Bald
Dear Dog And Cat
Gonna Be A Bear
To My Darling Wife
Dear Santa
The Lost Chapter Of Genesis
Bear Hunting
Scientists--Nursery Rhymes
You're A Northerner When
Car Accident
Wife Sick--Husband Suffers
Talking Dog For Sale
Analogies From School Essays
British Citizenship
Old Farmers Advice
No Pork
At The DMV
If Not For Bad Luck I'd Have No Luck At All
Twelve Things--Fruitcake
Fishing In Central Park
Quick Round Of Golf
Humble Bank Client
Who's That Following You
What Would Jesus Drive
Employer's Lingo Interpreted
Oath Of Enlistment
Test For Dementia
Philosophy Of Housecleaning
Internet Addiction Symptoms
Excerpts--A Cat's Guide
Twas The Night Before Christmas--Flu Version
Working Out
Politics Explained
Live In New York
Facts About Men
Lawn Chair Man
Jewish Dog
Church Hymns--Extra Money
The Unused Credit Card
Parking Lot Rules
Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder
Travelers Surprise
Advice From Mark Twain
Get Out Of Jury Duty
Larry's Quotes
The Birth Order Of Childern
Why Thoughts
College Football Time
Mothers Job Description
Jacob And Rebecca
Where To Place Them
Breakfast Misunderstanding
Grandma Got Addicted
Special Nativity Scene
Kids Marriage Plans
What My Mother Taught Me
Deep Trouble
What Do You Do All Day
KIDS KORNER 19 On-going
Redneck Valentine's Poem
You Know You Are Getting Older When
Unusual Food--Drug Interaction
The Doctor Really Means
New World ATM Record
Cartoon Laws
Why Aren't You Married
Missionarys Horse
Do You Need Help--Internet Humor
Marriage In Heaven
Wisconsin In The News
Holiday Calorie Counting
Learned On The Net
Really Bad Day
A Little More Bread
Lions And Lambs
Cat Food
Worst Analogies--High School Papers
Welfare Form Goofs
Fathers Then And Now
How Many Dogs--To Change A Light Bulb
A Letter To The Cats
Pastoral Search Committee
Crime And Punishment
Scottish Couple
Exercise Program
Real-life Dilbert-type Managers
Senior Personal Ads
Slow Economy--Ventriloquist
Kids On The Bible
Creek Jumping
What Children Say About Heaven
Golf Rules
How To Build A Web Page In 25 Steps
How To Tell If You're A High-tech Redneck
Real Life Company Quotes
Help Wanted--Equal Oportunity Employer
Middle School Mosh Pit
What Women Want
Useful Work Phrases
Cat Person
Yiddish Speaking Parrot
The Laws Of Golf
Internet Addict When
Music Tests
Little Known Feline Ailments
E--Nnoyed By Emoticons
The Hairy Truth
Four Ministers
Interesting Facts
Driver's Ed
Make The Woman Happy
Real 911 Calls
Directly To The Mailbox
Fight Before Christmas
Thanks For Forwarding
Boys And Girls Are Not The Same
Marriage Anyone
What Is Marketing
The Worst Day
Travel Agent Stories
Software Problems 2009
LBD Conspiracy
Doggy Dictionary
Health And Household Tips
Student Daf'i'nishions
How To Speak English Properly
Sales Technique
Things Women Want To Hear
Laws Of The Frisbee
Who Is Afraid Of A Little Garden Snake
Dog Lovers
Training Courses For Men
Alaska Living
A Hunting We Will Go
How Cold Is It
Airline PA System
The Stove
Q And A--On College
Prodigal Son--Key Of--F
10 Signs Your Baptism Is In Trouble
If Guys Ruled The World
New York New York--It's A Wonderful Town
Elementary Bible School Tests
Answering Machine At School
The Cat's New Year Resolutions
Real Teachers
Are You Normal
True Grit
The Tell-tale Hamster
Memo From Director
Singing Voices
Cajun Ten Ccommandments
Top Ten Caddy Comments
The Language Of Science
Does Your Cat Own You
Senior Citizen Discount
Turn Down Unwanted Men
Speaking Of Cats
The Mommy Test
Why You'll Like Retirement
True Floridian
Mouths Of Children
No Copyright
Tips--Ladies vs Real Women
KIDS KORNER 03 On-going
Slogans For Women's T-shirts
Easter One--Liners
Thoughts--Wandering Mine
Wisdom From Grandpa
Family Reunion
Stuff Kids Taught Me
KIDS KORNER 02 On-going
Government Official--Purchase
Golfing In Hell
Marriage Proverbs
KIDS KORNER 16 On-going
Mom's Dictionary
Buy A Bad Car
JOKE JESTER 05 On-going
The Roadside Stand
Womens Anti-stress Diet
8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter
Phrases Of Wisdom
You're A Tech Geek When
What I Want In A Man
Golf Handicap
Men Should Join The Choir
Engineering Conversions
Laws Of Genealogy
The Pessimist
Star Trek Things
Dumbest People Ever
Casual Day
Single Woman's Prayer
The Perfect Pastor
Love Virus Mutations
If Made Toasters
Dear Baby Jesus
Dental Help
Heavy Thinking
Business Slogans
Ten Ways To Terrorize A Telemarketer
Ultimate Preaching Rules
Pied Piper
Pups Games To Play With Humans
KIDS KORNER 06 On-going
No Excuse Sunday
Light Bulbs--Zodiac Signs
Words--Some--Women Use
Single Comebacks
Twelve Step Internet Recovery Program
From The Cat About The Dog
Thanks--Before And After
How To Be A Good Husband
Rules--For Computer Users
Tennis Lessons For My Son
Don't Say This To Police
Inner Wisdom Revealed
Science Quotes From Kids
Moishe Glickman
To Do Or Not To Do
The Curse Of Curfew
Sailor's Life
Sea Burial
The Photographer Cometh
Annual Fund Drives
Other Uses For Fruitcakes
The Wrong Number
Guys Rules For Women
Empty Nest Syndrome
Famous Last Words
Thank You Lord
Murphy's Law Amendments
Murphy's Laws For Law Enforcement
Quick Cure
Laws Of Crowded Stores
Come In
Cambridge University Exam
New Words
Got Flax
Live In Michigan
Home Improvement
Negotiated Rules Of Golf
Church Humor
Three Tough Mice
Gifts For Him
Husband Store
Sayings That Make You Stop And Think
Twenty New Management Styles
Valentine's Food For Thought
Hypochondriac's Compendium
Laws To Know
Computer Swallowed Grandpa
Shot By A Turkey
Tax Tips--Humor
Great Sayings
KIDS KORNER 21 On-going
JOKE JESTER 03 On-going
Company Examination
Criminally Stupid
Seuss Computer Poem
Bank Transactions
Miracle Restoration
Pizzas For The FBI
Computer Woman
Childs Bill Of Rights
Novice Skier
Navy Version--Twas The Night Before Christmas
Nautical Terms
Three Professors
Health Food
Dictionary For Women
A Computer Christmas
Mensa Invitational Challenge
Where To Play Golf
Cat Resolutions
Lacking All Religion
Tide And Menopause
House Husband
Serious Misunderstanding
Computer Wife
Grumpy Old Pals
A Rider
Gift Wrapping Tips For Men
Billy Bass Lives On
Golfing Realities
Winterize Your Lawn
Midlife Is
Mexican Jews
10 Signs Your Guy Hates Shopping
Stress Management
Are You Lonesome Tonight--Geriatric Version
You Might Be An Engineer
Camping For Dummies
Military Rules
Low Stress Golf
Tax Preparer Program
Bad Dog
Attainable Resolutions
Hoe Hoe Hoe
Hurricane Preparedness
Walmart Application
Feline Physics
Dog Credit
The Senility Prayer--Getting Older
Power Of Prayer
Gulf Coast Living
The History Of Thanksgiving
Unusual Behavior
Telephonic Conversation
Choir Director--Pastor
Free Cat
The Messiah Himself
Salary Theorem Proof
Class Reunions
Country Wisdom
The Church Cake
Drug Problem
Sleeping In Church
Parenthood Test
Some Days I Wonder
How To Prepare For A New Cat
Views On Aging
In The Beginning
Tool Definitions
Don't Know--Names Test
Growing Older
Cleaning By Closet
You Know Your're Having A Bad Day When
Maturity Is Under Attack
Golf Hell
Elevator Rules
Heavenly Library
Pizza Over The Phone
Valentine Humor
Government Pipe Specifications
Out Of The Mouths Of Men
The Pig Story
Dogs And Women
AARP Forum
Bad Fat Coffee
Midyear Resolutions
Valentine's Facts
The Boat Ride
Talking Turkey
Auto Parts
On Top Of Spaghetti
Strange And Funny Signs
Choir Proficiency Test
Over The Hill When
Things You Should Know
Camping Tips
Last In Line
Sky Pups Rules For Flight
Cajun Airlines
Airline Humor
First Time Prayer
Universal Laws Of Golf
Sleep Sermons
Atlanta Georgia
Mom's Letter To Santa
Observations On Maturing
Retarded Grandparents
About Golf
Deer Hunting
Women's Secret Language
The Pills I Take
Pocket Taser
Things Learned At Bible School
The Truth
First Day
You Might Be An Engineer2
Wrong Number
Poetic Justice
Newspaper Headlines
How To Find Your Wife
End Of Good Desserts
Men's Rules
Ways To Survive A Dull Sermon
Unspoken Rules
Want To Borrow A Jack
The Life Of Ebony
Dentist Talk
Teenagers And Cats
Backpack Black Hole
How To Keep A Healthy Level Of Insanity
Fishy Story
Only In America
Dog's Rules For Christmas
Holidays--Human Resources Director
A Man's Job
I Am A Senior Citizen
Age Before Beauty
True To Life Facts About Women
Dat Dog
Take'off Will Be Delayed
Yoopers Declare War On USA
Glossary Of Terms For Home Seekers
School Daze Comments
Headlines From My Life
JOKE JESTER 04 On-going
Tips For Working Hard
Quality Assurance
Plunging Into Thanksgiving
The Third Graders
Shotgun Position
English Is Tough Stuff
Truths For Adults
Modern Ark Building
The Preacher And The Lawn Mower
Mother'in'law In Jerusalem
Service Memorial
Gridiron Witties
Old Couple At McDonald's
You Watch Too Much TV
Government Travelers
Laws Of The Natural Universe
Tips From Your I T Department
Flying Fees
You Need A Vacation From Dogs
Employers Words Of Wisdom
Quotes From Erma Bombeck
A Dummies Guide
Little Johnny--4th Of July
Real Bass Fisherman
The Garden Room
Why Did The Chicken
Rocky Monday
20 Signs Technology Has Taken Over Your Life
Explain God
Ways To Ward Off Burglars
Garden Of Eden
Church Steeple
Murphys Church Laws
Origin Of The Internet
Dog Dictionary
Of Dust Bunnies And Deceit
Bumper Stickers To Ponder
Your Mail
Fractured Words
Vacations From Hell
Flying First Class
Resistance Is Futile
Child's Cowboy Boots
Old Dog--Young Cougar
Letters To Pastor
Wrong Number2
Sally And Andy
Celebrating Christmas
Country Doctor
Rules Of Rural Ohio
Carnival Prize Winning
Canadians--One Opinion
Juan The Smuggler
Church Bloopers
Military Insurance
12 Ways To Reduce Your Counseling Load
Quick Thinking Dog
JOKE JESTER 08 On-going
The Top Biblical Ways To Acquire A Wife
JOKE JESTER 10 On-going
The Trouble Is At Your End
Perks Of Being Over 60 Years Old
Talented Rat
Why Men Can Not Win
12 Reasons To Buy A New Car
The Dangers Of Bread
Gravy Train
Teen Ready House
When I'm An Old Lady
Dumb People
Military Life
Instructions For Dogs
The First Parent
Ode To English Plurals
Pin Something On This Donkey
Diary Of A Cat
The Ten Best Tools Of All Time
Heaven Knows
Top Ten Signs You Are In For A Long Sermon
12 Reasons To Be Thankful You Burnt The Turkey
Cat Laws
My Logical Deductions
Camping Guidelines
We Walk By Faith--Not By Sight
God's Miracles--Our Response
You Know You Live In A Small Town
Little Johnny--Principal
Moms Last Laugh
Why I Like Retirement
Church Football
Exercise For Seniors
How The Fight Started
Now That I Am Older
Holiday Tips
KIDS KORNER 01 On-going
North Meets South
Intelligence Test
Turned Into A Mom When
Raising Boys
65-year-old Mother--New Baby
Skiing Tips
Courses Men Wish For Women
Axioms For The Internet Age
Dog Therapy
Teacher's Thoughts
KIDS KORNER 20 On-going
Frequently Asked Questions About Health Care
Aunt Bea
Miracle Water
Top 50 Oxymorons
Marriage Counseling
Rompin Rover Resolutions
A Dieters Christmas
Kids And Cliches
The Y--Guy Scourge
The Grill General
Not Much Worth Mentioning
Wise Old Man
Been Home All Night
Survivor For Sweethearts
God Didn't Make Perfect Mothers
Keeping It Simple
Lutran Air
The Police
Giving Blood
Why God Created Eve
Don't Hit The Ducks
Not Enough Cashiers
Turkey Leftovers
Golden Rules For Ensemble Playing
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Rescheduled Test
My Dog Has To Take These Pills
The First Mom
The F Word
Truck Accident

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