Nativity scene.

And She Brought Forth a Son

This poem is the Nativity - seen through Mary's eyes.

As we set off on a journey towards Bethlehem,
our nerves were beginning to unravel.
My Babe was due at any moment
and it was not a good time to travel.

I will never forget that one brilliant star
which lit the sky with its light,
telling the world there would be something different
about this Holy Night.

Bethlehem was crowded. No rooms could be found,
not even a place to lay my head,
until a man took pity upon my condition
and finally offered us a stable bed.

Joseph was worried. He paced back and forth
and his expression mirrored the strain,
as I labored upon my bed of straw
and tried not to cry out from the pain.

It even seemed the animals were concerned
as they surrounded me protectively.
And the stable was filled with an eerie silence
as the Lord sought to deliver me.

We were soon visited by some shepherds
who came before my Babe and kneeled.
They said an angel had told them about this Child
as they had been watching in the field.

I will always remember the arrival of three Kings
who had traveled for many a mile,
to bow down before my little Son
and He had favored them with His smile.

I marveled at these unusual events
in which I had played a part.
I would always treasure these memories
and hold them close within my heart.

~ Lanette Kissel ~
Copyright © 2013
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Lanette Kissel, Copyright © 2013 ( ) - submitted by: Lanette Kissel ]

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