Old green chalk board, that says: Back to basics.

Back To Basics

Relevant to recent tragic events in America.

When grief and turmoil dominate's the news
And injustice seems rampant in our land
Often children and the helpless ones
Pay the ultimate price, from an evil hand

Although it's not right, for anyone
But especially to those who have no say
It pierces the heart, and troubles the mind
Why atrocious acts, should rule the day

It seems so natural to question "why"
That fate would befall, these gentle souls
Many stricken down, from a carefree life
Deprived from pursuing, their cherrished goals

As we seek to understand, and evaluate
It could appear to be complex
But when viewed from a spiritual eye
A simple answer it reflects

The One who spoke the world into being
Implemented basics to be our guide
From Genesis on, the blueprint is clear
Denouncing immorality, greed and pride

When departing from, His purpose and plan
And choosing a lifestyle, giving Him no place
With morals no longer, held in regard
The consequences, we have to face

He promised healing for those who would
Turn from their folly, and amend their way
Safe under His wing, He would have us abide
Cloaked in His mantle, no more to stray

No demands are asked, too great to bear
His Word is the anchor, that will suffice
In "the basics", we can always trust
No one can improve, upon His advice

~ Colan L. Hiatt ~
Copyright © 2013
All Rights Reserved
[ by: Colan L. Hiatt, Copyright © 2013 ( harway@surry.net ) -- submitted by: Colan L. Hiatt ]

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