Beautiful Mother's Day flowers.

Dear Mother

Mother, you were like a floweró
Put on this earth to bloomó
Resplendent in your beauty,
But wilted far too soon.

You added comfort to our lives,
Just as a flower would;
But even flowers fade and die:
We'd keep them if we could.

But when the blossom shrivels up,
And drops into the ground,
It never ever dies in vain.
It scatters seeds around.

Although you're gone away from us,
And we'll miss you very much,
There's no one who came near to you
Whose life you did not touch.

In Loving Memory Of My Mother

~ Helen Dowd ~
Copyright © 2013
All Rights Reserved
[ by: Helen Splane Dowd, Copyright © 2013, ( ) -- from: Helen Dowd ]

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