A proud Daddy holding his Little Princess in his arms.

His Little Princess

Daddy was such a handsome man,
with perfect teeth and year-round tan,
deep sexy voice, Kirk Douglas chin
that set the girls in a tailspin!
a ladies' man, charming times 3 ~
but Daddy's girl? hey, that was me!
And Daddy had a favorite song
to sing to me when things went wrong:
"the rainbow's end, my pot of gold,
you're Daddy's girl, to have and hold,"
and as he sang, those big brown eyes
would captivate me, mesmerize,
His Little Princess burst with pride,
rapt face spellbound and open-eyed.
When he'd come home at end of day,
I'd run to him, he'd laugh and say,
"now, how's my girl?" ~ before I'd speak
he'd place my finger on his cheek,
and asking me to "plant one here,"
he'd lift me up and hold me near,
and suddenly my world was right
when Daddy held His Princess tight.
Then as a teen, the Murdock Hop,
(a tiny, one-horse whistle-stop!)
he'd ask me, "may I have this dance?"
I'd answer, "yes!" and turn to glance
to see each female eye on me,
he'd count the waltz-step: one-two-three,
he'd hold me close, we'd dip and whirl,
the envy there of every girl.
A stone mason's forearms of steel,
so gentle as to be unreal,
he'd softly whisper in my ear:
"you're still the prettiest Princess here!"
His Princess loved his teasing charms
and proudly danced in Daddy's arms.
Now that he's gone, His Princess prays
his silly jokes, appealing ways
still entertain the angels so,
they seek him out, because they know
when God made him, He broke the mold
(no one could match that heart of gold!)
and God Himself must laugh and say:
"Bob Hinnen, yes!  You've made My day!"

~ Connie ~
Copyright © 2006
All Rights Reserved

"...the glory of children
are their fathers"
(Proverbs 17:6 KJV)
[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook Copyright © 2006 (cjcook@mynewroads.com) -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]

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