Cute Siberian Husky puppy with pretty blue eyes.
Siberian Husky Puppy

Mighty Mike's Doggy Angels

When I was just a puppy — not so very long ago,
a nice young couple picked me up. They said, “We love you so.”
It happened near to Christmas that I became their pet.
I wiggled and I squirmed for joy, but that just made me wet.
The lady said, “Don’t worry. I’ll teach you what to do.”
So life went on; it was so grand. I grew, and grew, and grew.

But soon the games were over. They left me all alone.
What would I do? I was so bored, and so I chewed the phone.
And then I shook “Dad’s” slippers. Such wondrous fun I had! --
Until my folks came in the door. Oh, wowy were they mad!

They scolded and they yelled at me; they hit me with the broom.
I was so very frightened that I ran from room to room.
I piddled on the carpet, and I messed behind the door.
I ran into the basement, where I threw up on the floor.
I hid behind the furnace, but they heard me when I cried.
They said that I was wicked, so they tied me up outside.

I howled and cried for hours. I begged for one more chance.
I thought “she” might take pity and come to my defense.
She came out to untie me. I welcomed her with licks.
I rolled, and sat up pretty; I went through all my tricks.
But I was not forgiven. She took me to the pound.
My cellmates were a poodle, a shepherd, and a hound.

That night I heard them saying, “Tomorrow we will die.
They cannot keep us longer.” . . . and then I heard them cry.

When I awoke next morning I felt so all-alone.
I looked for my companions, but it seemed that they were gone.
I was so very frightened. I trembled and I shook.
And then I heard the “keeper” come. He brought some folks to look.
My heart began to flutter when I heard a voice so sweet.
Perhaps they’d come to get me. . . . I struggled to my feet.
I strained my ears to listen, to hear what all was said;
but soon the voices faded: they’d gone inside instead.

Just then I saw the poodle. SHE was the one they chose.
I crawled back to my corner. My fears of “doom” arose.
I knew I wasn’t pretty, and my last “folks” called me BAD.
I supposed my life had ended. That made me very sad.
My “time” was almost over--I’d been here several days.
I ate; I slept; I worried, my mind a fuzzy haze.

Then “keeper” came to get me. Was it now time to die?
I felt so awfully frightened, but I tried hard not to cry.
And then I heard some voices — so excited and so gay.
“Yes! That’s the one. It’s him we want. Let’s take him home today.”

I thought I must be dreaming. Could they be meaning ME?
Were they some "doggy angels" who had come to set me free?
My ears went up. My tail I wagged. My heart just leapt for joy.
There, standing by the kennel was a woman, girl, and boy.
They led me from the kennel. They smothered me with hugs.
I nestled in beside them in the car. I felt so snug.

And now my days are happy. I romp; I play; I hike.
The children call me MIGHTY, and the lady calls me MIKE.

~ Helen Dowd ~
Copyright © 2012
All Rights Reserved

Adopt a pet – Save a life – Gain a friend.
[ by: Helen Splane Dowd Copyright © 2012, ( -- {used with permission} ]

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