A photo of beautiful white tulips, with a pink background, for Mother's day.

Mother Will Love You Anyway

The hand that rocks the cradle
Also makes the house a home.
It is the prayers of a mother
That makes the family strong.

She rises early in the morning
And bathes her day in prayer.
Asking God to keep her family
Safe in His loving care.

A mother communicates her love
In a thousand different ways.
It shows in everything she does
And in everything she says.

A mother will stand by you
Regardless of what you do or say.
She’ll be there to dry your tears
And guide you along the way.

Mothers set a good example
Of love, faith and prayer.
When there is a need of any kind
You’ll always find mother there.

A mother loves you completely
And makes it known each day.
She never gives up on her child
And she will love you anyway.

~ Lenora McWhorter ~
Copyright © 2013
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Lenora McWhorter, Copyright © 2013 ( mslenora@att.net ) - submitted by: Lenora McWhorter ]

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