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The Reason For Christmas

He had a message for the human race,
how to make the world a better place.
He said that we should see each other
more like a sister, or like a brother.
Then with strangers ahare our wealth,
stint not, but treat them as oneself.

Imagine such a world of loving care,
no harm can come to anyone there.
No war, no murder, no hate, no fear,
no hunger or thirst if we but hear,
and puttingt Hid message to the test
establish a world which is so blessed.

But in our world the message is missed,
arguments are settled with boot and fist.
Or, as among the nations war is made
with rocket, bullet, bomb and blade.
Sums spent on armaments outnumber
costs of solving honelessness and hunger.

Greed, envy and cover sustain the game
for some, in pursuit of dubious fame.
Some, in public acclaim not contested
until found, an innocent child molested.
While, who truly serve the human race
find nonentities in the honoured place.

What hope for a world such as this ?
None, it heads towards a dark abyss.
And so, for followers, another message,
a heavenly place with right of passage
for those who to His words attend,
standing firm in faith up to the end.

~ William Sutcliffe ~
Copyright © 2012
All Rights Reserved
[ by: William Sutcliffe, Copyright © 2012 ( ) -- submitted by: William Sutcliffe ]

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