Beautiful sunset over the highway.

The Sun Already Set In The Valley

Recently on my return trip from western Pennsylvania I had another one of those awakening experiences. I had been driving for over five hours and listening to one of my favorite speakers, Les Brown. When I drive I always bring motivational tapes with me so that I don't waste that precious time.

Les had me on fire with his very first tape of the set of seven that I listened to on this round trip. I had decided to turn everything off for the final hour and just think. My mind was churning as my thoughts jumped from plans for tomorrow to how well my presentation went earlier that day.

Suddenly I was overwhelmed by the thought that when I arrived home it would be too late to start working on some of these new ideas I came up with while listening to Les.

I just hit a portion of this all too familiar interstate that offers an incredible view. This day was even more spectacular.

To my left was the very beginning of what would be a gorgeous sunset. The sun was still high enough and this portion of the roadway would not be blocked by mountains or trees for miles yet. I would get to see it all. Of course when it's that great I have been known to stop until I've witnessed the whole thing. One never knows how many more sunsets are in their future. So I grab them when I can.

But then . . . panic!  Sunset?  That means the day's gone.  It's over.  I have things to do.

As if God Himself gently grabbed my head and turned it to the right it dawned on me. There down the mountainside in the valley were towns and people who live in them. The sun had already set for them. Most likely someone sat on their porch or on a park bench and watched the sun set for them. Their day ended already.

But I was on the mountain and still could see the sun.

I love that line I just wrote above:

"But I was on the mountain and still could see the sun." Sounds like a line from a poem or song.

How many times I have been down in the valley and couldn't see the sun. I was depressed and defeated. I had lost hope and couldn't care less if the sun ever came up again. I remember looking at those mountain top people who always seemed to have a better attitude about things. Their view of the world was so much different.

They could see the sun.  I wanted to be up there with them.  But how did they get there?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A typical self talk conversation:

"I bet they were born on top of the mountain.

That's it. Probably their family owns that mountain. Not me. I was born in the valley. The sun came by a shorter time for me. No one in the valley ever gets to the top of the mountain. Do they?"

"What? You know of people who have climbed the mountain? Get going. But that must take hard work and commitment. I'll bet that some days you start out on that climb and stumble and fall. I'll bet that some days you spend a lot of time just part way up that mountain. Kinda stuck there. I'd have to quit and go back down. It's easy to go back down you know."

"You mean some have gone back down and started back up again at another time? How long does it take to get to the top?"


"Until when?"

"Until you make it."

"Have you ever been to the top of the mountain?"


"Well what are you doing down here?"

"I came to get you."

"You mean I can make it to the top?"

"Yes you can."

"How?" "You have to work long and hard and never give up."

"That's it?"

"Oh yes. You have to believe in yourself."

"Oh. Well, never mind."

"That's OK. I have enough for both of us."

"You do?"

"Yes. You see "I Believe in YOU!"

"That's why I'm here.  You, me and God.

Together we can face any mountain."

I wrote this for you . . .
    "Down in the valley of depression and despair
    I had never seen the sunshine or breathed hope's fresh clean air.
    Then one day God spoke to me and said "You are the one."
    "I need for you to climb up there so you can see the sun."

    I tried so hard to reach the top but fell along the way.
    I sat along the pathway then I would hear God say:
    "Get up and stop your crying. They need to know I care."
    "Stand upon the mountain top. Tell them I sent you there."

    I tried a little harder and scraped a knee or two
    But then upon arrival my life began anew.
    I saw the non believers who think their life is done
    But I was on the mountain and still could see the sun.
The end?  No just the beginning!

"I Believe in YOU!"

"I wish you enough!"
~ Bob Perks ~

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[ by: Bob Perks Copyright © 2012 ( - {used with permission} ]

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