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Jul 28, 2014

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1998 Christian Poems and Inspirational Poems for your enjoyment.

A Match Made In Heaven
They Walked With God
God Keeps Watch
Every Gift Was Handed Back
Your Dream Dog
He's Here
Heavens Valentine
Building The Bridge
Wonderful Winter's Day
More Than These
Young Girl Writing
Read My Newest Poem
A Prayer For Guidance
I Am Counting On You
Jesus Steps In
Once Again
Since Yesterday
The Shortest Prayer
Inside Out
God's Stillness
Lights Along The Shore
My Little Angel
Lamp Of Truth
The First Christmas Eve
Is It Worth It
A Little Less Mine
A Letter For Santa
Everyone Needs Someone
Open Letter--Uncle Sam
My Turning Point
Thank You God
A Time To Rise
Mail Call
Mary's Arms
Lord--Walk With Me
Faith Grows
Fearfully And Wonderfully Made
The Last Christmas Tree
Beloved Mother
Bible Leaf--Costmary
A New Day
In Jail With Jesus
My Lamb
Your Spirit
He Maintains
Dear Little Bobby
God Is Always Near
My Country's Keeper
Believers Prayer
For Many Years
The Proper Way To Pray
The Pharisees Night Before Christmas
Righteousness Exalteth A Nation
A Prayer At The Well
Bricks And Motar
Falling Star
Ode To Texas
My Only Consolation--(Virgina Tech)
The Last One Standing
Heavenly Reunion
Grandma's Garden
Are You An Orphan
Through A Child's Eye
My Daughter
True Worth
What Is Your Address
God's Helping Hands
This Ole House Of Mine
Beyond Measure--(Love)
The Spring Within My Soul
Song Of Spring
A Childs Kiss
Cross To Paradise
Heat Wave
The Favor
Love Like God
To Talk With Jesus
Just Suppose
A Little Glimpse Of Heaven
In My Dream
At Christmastime
Shorthand Computerese
Dueling Prayers
About Prayer For You
Giving God A Try
The Dancer
Face Of An Angel
The Dreams Of Children
A Christmas Request
Road Trip
I Choose
To My Daughter
A Twig Is Bent
The Little Angel'1
Why God Made Little Boys And Girls
Thank You Lord
High Flight
Bloom Where You Are Planted
The Christ In Christmas
Today The Sun Yawned
The Empty Tomb
It Will Not Be Forced
There Is Always A Way
Dust Yourself Off
From The Cradle To The Cross
I'm Fine--How Are You
Peace In His Presence
We Praise You Lord
Grandpa Prayed
The Precious Book
Cost Of Money
Trail That Will Lead Home
Two Way Street
The Real Reason
Brighten The Corner
Two Thousand One'nine Eleven
The Older I Get
Is It To Late--Lord
Walk A Little Plainer Daddy
The Actor
My Father's Story
The Fragrant Rose
A Mother
Legacy Of An Adopted Child
The Past
The Unblemished Lamb
Light Of Christmas
Your Motive
Betwixt And Between
Birthday In Heaven
Thanksgiving Reflection
Counting My Blessings
My Holy Bible
Therein Lies My Heart
We Could Learn
Thank God For Friends
No Where To Hide
God Knows
What I Can't Write
True Friends
My Grandson--Lord
Still The Greatest
Little Black Sheep
Thank You For Your Forgiveness
Just One Day
I Am Not Ashamed
Truth's Lament
Just To Inspire You
Making Memories
Love Sick
The Answer
A Thought For Easter
Oregon In Spring
I Want What She Is Having
God Hath Not Promised
Mark Of Family
Compatibility Is The Key
Oh To Be
Rare Flowers
There Is Hope
A Proverb For My Son
Tell Them Of His Love
Times In Our Lives
Soul Food
We Have Today
Father Bless Our Nation
To Each His Own
Hearts At Half Mast
Footsteps To Live By
Rebellion--It IS A Choice
My Journery
What Guide Do You Read
The Golden Gate
Wonder Of Wonders
Silent Footsteps
My Awakening
The Thankful Box
I Am A Tiny Angel
Promised Roses
She'll Give Jesus Her Cares
That Is Why I Love Him
Bread Crumbs On My Mouse'pad
The Thorn
No Mistakes
Precious Friend
No Boots For Christmas
God Of The Ordinary
I Will See You In Heaven
You Can Count On Me
You Are An Angel To Me
The Living Water
Starting Fresh--No Regret
Seek And You Shall Find
Does He See His Own Reflection
Along The Way
Just Close Your Eyes
It Is Then You Hear The Hush
He Walks Through Your Storm
Our Nation's Heroes
Risk To Assist
Loves Gift
Staying On Course
God Provides Our Every Need
A Day In The Life
Nailed To The Cross
Was It Worth It
Field Of Joys
Boppo's Bedtime Tale
Take Some Time
A Kitchen Blessing
Just A Word
Colors Of Blessings
Vacation Time Again
Look And Live
Lord--I Will Follow
A Sense Of Her Sweet Kiss
You Have Gone On And I Remain
God Is My Umbrella
The Abundant Life
The Alabaster Bottle
Do You Have Trials
The Will Of God
My Favorite Valentine
Looking In The Mirror
Walk With God And Angels
The Urge To Pray
Thank You Friend
Ages Of Love
My Special Valentine
Be Still
Little Boys
Mother Will Love You Anyway
Growing In God's Joy
God's Child
Light Along Our Trails
God's Valentine
Here's To Guy's
Spring In Your Step
Be Not Troubled
Be Happy--Don't Worry
The Bible Has Love Letters
Life Is Good
And So I Choose
Simple Blessings
The Velvet Box
When The Well Goes Dry
Sparrow In The Rain
A Warrior's Prayer
Senior Version Of--Jesus Loves Me
Thank You Dad
I'll Keep Praising You
The Lad With The Lunch
I'm So Happy
I Am Not Old--Just Mature
The Light Of Friendship
The Lemonade Stand
Everyone Has Angels
I Am His
Think Of Him
Fight Before Christmas
Timely Warning
For Putting Up With Me
The Rose
Jesus On The Cross
Precious Gold
Divine Telepathy
Keep Smiling
The Heart
Who Is In Charge
A Priceless Treasure
The U In JesUs
For What It's Worth
Prints Of Elbows On My Bed
God Is With You
The Master's Touch
It's Time For Fall
Broken Pieces
The Sin Of Omission
Heaven's Gate
Christmas Around The World2
Just A Serviceman
Just Because
Let Go'let God
God--A Fistful Of Dreams
The Road He Chose For Me
The Easter Story
The Shoes
I Can't Wait
Seaside Balcony
My Resurrection Day
Can You Hear Me
He Sees Himself In Us
Let There Be Light
Jelly Jar Grace
God Chose Me
God's Answer To Justice
This Moment
His Boundless Love
Moment By Moment With Him
Soft Scoop
A Saga Of The Stable
Whose Flowers Are These
Daddys Day
Ode To An Unknown Cat
God--You'll Carry Me Home
God's Workmanship
Easter Moment
Because You Say So
Under His Wings
The Divine Weaver
Our Faith
Finding Dignity
Where Do I Go
As The Eagle Flies
You Can't Get There From Here
End Of The Day
A Friend Should Be Radical
Quite My Heart--Lord
God Loves Me
Lifes Storms
Another New Year
Sorrow's Formation
A Love Poem
No One
The Daffodil Wanderer
Joy Through Persecution
The Wellspring Of Life
House Behind The Weeds
New Awareness
It Starts With A Seed
Cracker Soup
Weakest Link
Shared Blessings
Gods Bouquet
The Victor's Song
My Choice
The Kittens Tea Party
No Fences
I Am Blessed
Because I Love You
Guilt Trip
Backyard Friends
A Christmas Poem
Butterfly Dust
A Childs Love
White Coats And Lollipops
I Wish You Jesus
Sunday Morning
Spirit Alert
My Wishing Tree
Making Of A Diamond
Signs Of Spring
The Friend Who Stands By
Daily Wish
Say Yes To Life
Spirit In The Wind
A Mother's Garden
The Gospel Tree
A Christmas Comment
Think About It
In The Shadow Of Our Lord
Seed Thoughts
The Warrior Is A Child
Post Holiday Blues
Then It Is Time
Fathers Are Wonderful People
Mary's Nettle--Horehound
One By One
A Kitty Prayer
Santas Christmas Wish
That Day
What Went Through The Mind
Night Whispers--A Miracle
Sweet Longing
If You Have A Dream
Memorial Day Poem
He Called Me His Child
Love Works
America's Finest
Whisper Of A Child
Back To Basics
A Lie
A Matter Of Time
ABC's Of Praise
Path Of Pain
A Renewable Resource
Give A Little More
Soaring High
Heaven's Heroes
The Fragrance Of Spring
Sing Once More For Me
Entering Heaven's Gate
A Metamorphosis--(Beautiful Parable'life'death'life)
The Gateway To Victory
The Time Is Now
Why I Love You
Wish To Be A Beacon
I Am Thankful
Maybe You're Wrong
Holly's Legend
He Gave Me Memories
The Soldier
Praise To My Lord
Easter To Me
It Just Hurts
Whispers Of Love
Looking To Heaven
So Dear To My Heart
Angels He Sends
The Trial Of Jesus
Give Only Your Best
I Love It
Jacob's Well
A Marriage Prayer
The Pristine Delight--Snowy Night
Thank God For All Seasons
I Am Not Over It Yet
God's Family
I Am There
Daily Moments
My Blessed Redeemer
The Master Painter
Trinity Flower--Our Lady's Delight
God--Forgive Me When I Whine
A Forever Kind
Strong In You--Lord
Sunset To Sunrise
Piercing The Darkness
When I Say I Am A Christian
Summer Day Beauty
Sure N If
A Conversation
Dime Store Angel
Didja Know--Humor
The Race
Prayer For The New Year
Her Babies Tiny Hands
Mothers Are Earth Angels
Journal--On Display
Which Road
The Oak Tree
Letter From Home
Sweet Dreams
That Toothless Grin
Live Well
A Gold Pocket Watch
Who Is Late
The One You Seek
At The End Of The Way
My Mother--To Me
My Daughter You Will See
The Nail
The Train Of Life
Two Boxes
Chosen Vessel
Do Not Look Back
A Conversation With God
A Glimpse Into The Future
He's Waiting For You
Could You
A Smile
The Real Night Before Christmas--Humor
Walkin In The Valley
Blessings Abound
Someone Is Praying For You
The Tree Of My Life
Gary's Charge
Little Black Dog
My Friend
Something Good About You
Praying Time
Gods Earthly Gifts
Able To Pray
Answered Prayer
Dove Of Freedom
Irish Old Man
Born Again
The Narrow Road
Rejoice In The Day
March Onward Into Battle
Some Day Soon
I Through Out
My Treasures
Casting Stones
Dad--I Love You
Independence Day For Me
What Is The Difference
His Alone
In The Moment
Studies In Wisdom
Love's Design
My Superhero
Simple Wish For You
Bluebirds For You
I'm Little
The Stranger
Midnight Encounter
Our Savior
Our Safety Net
Dawn To Dusk
The Fools Prayer
This Friend Of Mine
Call Upon His Name
Meet It Head On
Internet Friendships
Days Of The Week
Precious Condition
He Gave You Wings
Dear Mothers
America On Her Knees
A Thought For St Patrick's Day
Nature's Songs
Canine Bliss
Always My Son
Lighting The Way
His Reflection
An Unconditional Love
The Bluebird
A Haughty Heart
His Baby
Lean On Jesus
In The Sunny Southland
Heavens Very Special Child
How Much Do You Love Me
God's Gift To Man
He Won't Remember
They Missed Him
A Salute To Mothers
Angels Come To Our House
I Said A Prayer For You Today
A Soldier's Call To Arms
Lessons Learned
Still Glorious
The Call--(Heroes Of 9'11)
Joy Comes In The Morning
The Voice
Let Go
The Fortress Of Love
Little Things
Be Thankful
Shining Rain
Over The Hill
His Love For You
Beyond Alzheimers
I Wonder--Jesus
A Neighbor Is
Hello God
If I Could
Once Upon A Pew I Sat
All Things
Showing The Way
Going Home
Traveling On Your Knees
Isnt That What It Is About
Sorrowful Lesson
The Story Of Me
Forever Family--Adopted
Take Time
Have Faith My Child
A Mother's Special Love
I See You Lord
My Talk With The Lord
The Seasons Of Life
If God Should Go On Strike
This Day
Angels Everywhere
The Faith Legacy
The Spirit Within
Faith Of A Hummingbird
What Is Christmas About
A Mountainside
Watch Me Daddy
Wings To Fly
Meet Me In The Middle
More Like Jesus
Walk With Me
Roses For Rose
Spring In My Soul
She's No Cyber'mama
Take A Little Time
I'm Sorry
In The Country
Letter To Father
Wisdom And Knowledge
Letter To Daughter
When You're Down To Nothing
Easter Sunrise
A Prayer Away
Breaking Of Day
Night Blight
Reflection Within A Friend
My Angel
Stand Up
A Portrait Of My Valentine
The Prodigal
Pride Goeth Before A Fall
David Danced'michal Watched
Practice What You Preach
December Snow
A Friend Always There
Twas The Night Before Easter
Christmas Around The World
In Touch
I Am Amazed
Come Holy Ghost
No Christmas This Year
You Ask Why I Follow This Jesus
Worlds Set Apart
Open Your Heart
American Soldier
Lost Little Child
Entering Into His Gates
Gods Grace
Every Day Is Christmas
The Armor Of Our Lord
I Chose The Bed Instead
No Time
Castle Dreams
You Gave Me Your Assurance
Thankful Gratitude
You Do Not Have To Go Alone
Cleaning House
Beloved Burden
The Onion
An Easter Poem
The Wonders Of The Deep
Cutting Loose
Is Hell A Joke
The Legend Of The Dandelion
Secret Of Successful Dieting--(Humor)
Sore Afflicted
Turning Thirty
Little Girls
Learning To Listen
Testing Ground
Self Control
I Am Jesus
This New Day
America's Worst Niare
Let Your Fires Flow
Walking The Sands Of Time
Gentle Dawn
Do Not Be Afraid
Working Wrecks
Follow The Recipe
Log Cabin Christmas
Help Me
Deliverance From Darkness
Help Me Jesus
When I Get To Heaven
He's Up To Something
The Little Present
A Soldier's Christmas
That's My Daddy
A Godly Father
What Must He Think
My Brother--My King
The Fruit Of The Spirit
Just Say Thanks
Be Still And Know
Last Farewell
Lord--Interrupt Me Today
The Counselor
Angel Talk
The Valleys Of Life
Painting Nature
Heaven On Earth
Bend In The Road
I'm A Winner Either Way
The Dusty Old Book
At The Foot Of The Cross
Stone To Flesh
A Mothers Letter To God
Hurt--To Heal
Say A Prayer
Genuine Love
Where God Is
Letter From Heaven
Angel And The Star
Love Your Neighbor
Autumn Flight
And Now I See
Only A Dad
Christmas Today
You Are Mine
Seek And To Save
The Storms Of Life
Peace Be Still
Checkin In
Autumn Is Coming Soon
I Am
Dirty Angel--(Good Message--Surprise Ending)
My Soul Mate
Cherish The Moments
Woman Of God
I Love Jesus
And She Brought Forth A Son
Lessons In Love--2010
Just Because2
Ragged Old Flag
How Can I Say Thank You
His Little Princess
Breakfast With Jesus
After The Tears
How True It Is
Be An Uplifter
An Olde Legend
Spring Birth Explosion
The Best Is Yet To Come
The Heavenly Gardener
Do You Care
On Keeping In Touch
He Touched Me
The Consoler
Keep Trying
Voice Of The Turtle
Today As I Pray
I Want To Know
Do You Ever Feel
Those Passing Years
Stones Or Gems
Granny's Flower Garden
I Can And I Will
Precious One I Am There
Heart Transplant
His Poor Little Pitful Lamb
Living One Day At A Time
The Child Inside
Simple Reminders
Home Sweet Home
The Folks Next Door
Christian Soldier's Love Poem
Winter Storm
Freedom's Prayer
The Toughest Job--Pastor
The Lamb Of God
The Easter Promise
Christmas Fire
Another Christmas
No Substitute For Mom
Dusty Roads
Dance In The Rain
I Prayed
Talk To Him
He Can
The Highest Praise
Sometimes Life Hurts
Stability In The Storms Of Life
Who Is My Equal
Lord--Teach Me
Gathering Treasures
He Gathers Every Teardrop
The Disciple
A New Year's Poem
Safe In Your Presence
Butterflies For Jesus
Shaping The Heart
A Wabbit Weeqwest
Lilac Time
Hope For Tomorrow
Advancing Age
Unrequited Birthday Love
Evolution Solution
The Helmet
Through The Eyes Of A Child
Folks In Heaven
Eternal Love
Darwins Mistake
Prayer For The Lost
A Friend
Rotten History
The Master Is Calling
My Rainbow
The Heart Of Love
In The Midst Of Light
Clever Food Valentine
All Creation Is In Motion
Love Is Love
The Good Shepherd
Sweet Memories
Be Near Me
Peace On Stormy Seas
Flight Has Been Delayed
You Wont Understand
Two Soldiers
Many Thanks--Lord
A Straying Lamb
So Little Time
It Is Finished
Father--It Is Done
My God Is Near
Imagine That
Side Stepping
The Story Of Your Life
Hear God's Voice
Know This My Daughter
Annie's Farm
Silver Wings
I Said A Prayer
Gods Promises
Chocolate Christmas
Are You A Prune
I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud
Mad March
Different Christmas Poem
Start Over
Work In Progress
It Was Needles California--Good Message
Our Love Has Lasted
The Touch Of The Master's Hand
The Footlocker
Ode To Old Age
Living Free
In His Garden
Invisible Bars
Your Journey
I Am Turning Around
God Is God
A Journey
The Book
Christmas Ruby
Easter Lamb In Heaven
Maternal Love
Eternally Alive
The House By The Side Of The Road
The Gift Of Christmas
Spirit Alert--Part2
The Shadows And The Rock
Don't Be Distressed
After The Storm
Writer's Block
Heavens Grocery Store
God Bless America vs America--Bless God
Diamonds In The Rough
Keep Going
The Window
The Purpose Of Life
The Lords Love
That First Christmas Day
Small Blessings
The Blessed Test
The Way It Is
The Anchor Holds
The Glory Of The Resurrection
Golden Rules
The Spool
Candle In The Night
His Love For All
Beauty Of Our Friendship
A Turkey Tale
Joy For The Future
If Jesus Came
This Moment In Time
Gods Light
Thanks Dear Soldier
Once I Was Sin-sick
I Thank God For You
Armor Of God
Lord--It's Me Again
Learning To Know God's Voice
Troubling Music
What's Next
Holy Of Holies
The Way The Truth And The Life
Move Me Out Of The Way--Lord
Why Believe
The Life That He Gives
Fall Harvest
In My Eyes--(Father)
The Beautiful Colour Of Love
The Wedding
You Said
A Piece Of Paper
I Refuse To Be Discouraged
A Little Prayer
My Mother
An Apology And God's Secrets
I Am Too Blessed To Be Stressed
The Rottens
Jesus Is My Valentine
This Is Our God's Hour
Build A Box Of Friendship
Our Love Is Like A Rose Garden
O' Israel
On Creation
Something's Missing
The Winning Shoes
One Nut To Another
I Sacrifice Myself
Always There
Just What I Need
Second Coming Of Jesus
A Walk With The Lord
Twas A Special Christimas Eve
The Price Of Freedom
Dependance On Him
If Not For You
When We Get There
Do You Love Me
I Am Redeemed
Lost Without Him
First Light
Step'dad's Day
Dear Santa
The Man In The Glass
To God Be The Glory
Singing In The Daisies
I'll Keep You In My Prayers
Birds Are Amazing
Christmas At Rock'away Rest
Good Samaritan Story
Look To The Lord
My God And I
My Hand In Gods
My Faith
Dog Goes To Heaven
My New Year Prayer For You
We Hang On By A Thread
The Journey2
My Secret Garden
The Rainbow Of Promise
A True Friend
Be Glad--Do Not Be Sad
No Truer Friend
The Christmas Touch
What Am I Doing
Mighty Mike's Doggy Angels
An Answered Birthday Wish
The Lord's My Light
The Season Of Summer
Virgin's Humility--A Bed Of Thyme
God's Special Gift
Do Not Grow Too Old
Taking Chances
Follow Me
Celebrate Jesus
Angels Come At Midnight
House Across The Street
Nothing Like It
The Duke On America
Thank You--My Lord
The Slain Lamb
Mirror'mirror On The Wall--(Humor)
If You Knew My Jesus
Job's Sacrifice Of Praise
Food For Thought
Condemning Condemnation
Good Little Boys
Gods Choice
You Call That Gratitude
The Meaning Of True Love
Through The Storms
Daughter Of The King
Fall Season
Thanksgiving Day
Nothing Compares To His Sacrifice
Your Son
The Dragon
Please Help Me--Lord
When I'm An Old Lady
A Babe's Prayer
This Christmas
God Loves You
A Life Well Lived
Herb Of Grace
The Garden
A Walk In The Woods
The Liberty Bell
Seeds Friends And Success
The Words That Were Spoken
When The Father Remains Silent
The Reason For Christmas
My Beloved
Lord Forgive Me
Dear Mother
A Poem For Moms And Dads
Slow Dance
The Nature Of Sin
Saying I'm Sorry
Lean On Me
Military--Pride Of America
Train Of Life
Think Of Jesus
If Tomorrow Starts Without Me
Trail Of A Flexible Flyer
Count Your Many Blessings
The Journey
Make Him Your Valentine
Unworthy Vessel
Reach High
Did Anyone Ever Tell You
A Blessed Day
One Thing To Never Forget
Leave Regrets Behind
Remember To Smile
Today I Shall Not Weep
Compass In The Wilderness
Father's Day Game Delay
My Grandmother
Job 38'39--(Faith)
Through The Waters
A Party In The Sky
Ol' Sneaky Snake
Look Up--Look Up
His Presence
Finding A Forever Home
Brighten Your Corner
Ready To Go Home
Little Ordinary Things
God's Little Builders
All Is Calm All Is Right
Seeing God
Light On The Horizon
The Sinner's Hope
Rainbow Love
The Quiet Time
Lassie Come Dance With Me
In Memory Of Helen Robowski
Lord I Want To Know You
Through A Friend
I Will Paint You A Rainbow
The Blind Men And The Elephant
The Rankest Bull Alive
God's Will--His Story Unfolding
Wars And Rumors Of Wars
God's Rose
I Give To You
Faith Like A Child
Religious Poems For Children
Crushed By Puppy Love
Two Hour Christianity
There In The Hills
I Am I Am
Eternal Ink
What I Love About Christmas
A Greater Purpose
Angel Plea For The World
Rose For Mother
Pray Without Ceasing
I Saw Myself Through His Eyes
My Forgetter
In The Garden With A Friend
Gospel In A Nutshell
Suddenly--There You Were
Grace--Not Works
I Have A Friend Now
Dear God
Selfless Act Of Love
My Sword The Dove
At The Door
Divine Intervention
Living Treasures
The Burden Of A Feather
Keep Looking Up
The Marriage Of The Lamb
What A Friend We Have In Jesus
On The Farm
Spring Again
Waiting For The Call Of Love
Philosophy Of Purpose
Don't Tread On Me--A Call To Arms
Old Age And Memories
Seize The Moment
God Knows Best
Over There
When Friends Let You Down
Jesus Rednecks And Me
My Haven
Marriage Of The Lamb
A Voice Calling
Be A Friend
What You Sow
A Child To Love
Our Town
Calvary's Higher Ground
My Heart Sings
Think About It--Satin
A Live Forever
The Ship Of Life
Fighting Just For Him
The Flower's Beauty
A Beacon Of Hope
Valentine's In God's Sight
A Childs Prayer
The Cross Of Calvary
The God'man
When I Am A Little Old Lady
Within His Knowing
Best Friends
One Little Rose
A Manger Garden
When I Wasn't Looking
The Size Of Your Heart
Magic Man
The Blowing Leaves
The Warrior
Wooden Reminder
How You Use Your Time
The Call
Thank You So Much--Lord
A Childs Wonder
A Cowboy's Lament--(Funny--Serious Message)
The Blessing
Childhood Home And Life
Knowing The End From The Beginning
The Daffodil
My Dad--(Step'dad)
Whatever Our Hands Touch
Who I Am
10 Little Christians
The Cross
If They Could Talk
Best Friend
The Grumble Family
Give Me The Courage
Quiet Beauty
Nowhere To Run--Gambling Addiction Recovery
Who's In The Mirror
A Parents Prayer
Your New Home
I Am Singing A New Song
My Child
My Hand In God's Hand
From Tree To Cross
Sailing By Grace
Christmas Blessings
Joy In The Morning
Proverbs15 3
Your Beautiful Life
Memory Lane Again
My Love Is Forever
Wrecking Crew
In The Garden Of Your Heart
If You Could Love Me
We Are Blest
Stepping Stones
More Than Enough
A Christmas Lesson
A New Year's Resolution
A Happy Celebration
Almost Home
Peace Of Mind
A Thanksgiving Prayer
God Speaks Quietly
Trouble Sea
Jesus Saves--Jesus Saves
You Can Bet We Are
Just For Me
Ticket To Heaven
A Birthday Gift For Mother
Sugar Is Sweet--Who Are You
Love Giving
Quiet My Heart--Lord
This Mountain
Peace Will Come
I Know You Will Be There
If I'd Had A Daughter
The Secret Place
Thanksgiving In Our Hearts
Prayer In Times Of Trouble
Two Little Angels--(And A Crippled Boy)
One Of Momma's Hugs
If'o Lord God'please Let It Happen
Looking Through Gods Eyes
Christmas Greetings
My Wonderful Savior
Autumn Skies
We Fall
Loves Essence
Never Say Never
Nocturnal Reverie
Backyard Oasis
The Kind Stranger
Chatty Muse
Its In The Valley I Grow
Your Majesty
Freedom Is Not Free
A Glimpse Of Heaven
Awesome Things In Life
Gods Love Is Everywhere
My Thorn
Do Not Ever Stop Dreaming Your Dreams
The Glory Of Spring
His Name Is Wonderful
The Way We Affect Others
Wrapped And Tied With Love
His Awesome Presence
Blessed Storms
See You Later
Just So You Will Know
Jesus Is Waiting
In His Hands
Behind A New Door
Valentine's Day
Have You Seen The Sunset
In Full Blossom
Will You Have Faith
Comfort For Today
All Those Gifts
How Would You Feel
Do Not Go To Bed
Perfection Is My Enemy
A Riddle
Voluntary Intercession
Seeds Of Faith
Life Is A Miracle
Martha Or Mary
My Daily Prayer
I Need You Lord
Why Jesus
To My Husband For Valentines Day
A Prayer
The Mirror
A Simple Faith
Refiner's Fire
The Visit
God The Artist
Santas Secret
Enter The Garden
Walking The Talk
The Three Wise Men
Without You
Your Father's Love
A Worthy Vessel
A Minute Filled Life
Raking Memories
The Presence
Death For Life
My Bridegroom
What Do You Want For Christmas
A Contrary View
All About Mother
One Teardrop
Who's To Blame
Sunny Today
The Chi'chi Tree
Make Me A Lighthouse
He Is Able
I'm Okay
God's Awesome Light
Worlds Greatest Chef
Enabling Love
The Best Is Yet To Be
Thank You Mom
My Heart Was Broken
A Christmas Poem To Mother
Mrs Mouse's House
For Heavens Sake
Springtime Splendor
My Cup
Happy New Year
To My Children
Everyday Miracles
Summer Rain
Joyful Things
Our Dearest Friend
Must Go Shopping
The Name Jesus
Thanksgiving Action
A Valentine Miss--My Mate
Never Forget--4th Of July
Each Season
She Will Ask Someday--(Mother)
When The Only Solution
Reaping What You Sow
Prolonged Agony
It Is Never Cold
Thank You
This Man Called Jesus
Spring Is Here
Changing Leaves
Oh Lord Hear Me Pray
Note From Jesus
Hidden Realm
Through The Eyes Of Grace
Do You Know
Oh Volunteer
Sealed With A Kiss
Do Not Waste Your Life
God's Precious Gift
The Field Of Yellow Tulips
You Are
Question Not The Path
A Simple Hug
My Wedding
Coach Wooden
Twas A Sheep Not A Lamb
The Good Stuff
To My Child
A Special Time
His Church Shall Stand
Every Day Is Easter
Poet's Prayer
From The Manger To The Throne
Simply To Serve
Dance By The Sea
I Feel So Alone
I Saw It
Her Heart's So Full Of Jesus
The Legend Of Easter Lily
We Thank You God
Matter Of Time
When There Is No Where To Turn
Written On His Hand
Good Saint Pat
God's Rainbow Of Promises
Thank You Once More
A Child Like Me
You Are My Comfort
Jesus's Nail Pierced Hand
The Morning Of Christmas
Long Days--(Mothers)
I Would Go Nuts
Jesus'our Example
Found Mine
Song In Your Smile
Willie Ben's Revival
I Shall Prevail
A Father's Day Fantasy
Pebble In The Water
Missing You
God Gives A Great Hope
Easter's Song
There's Going To Be A Party
Behold The Works Of The Lord
God Cares
Daddys Son
Sky Writing Net
I Am Thankful For
He Loves You
God Will Go With You
Ten Thousand Angels Cried
Through The Eyes Of Faith
Tomorrow--Without Me
His Refreshing Waters
Is He Your Valentine
Nobodys Valentine
Farewell To Yesterday
Reflections On Being American
My Favorite Poet
My Childhood
Dancing With The Angels
Teach Me To Pray
I Know You Are
Keep A Pure Heart
Before My Mother Died
My Soul's Reflection
A Morning Prayer
Enemy Of The States
A Special Place
Only Time
In My Prayers
The Door To Heaven
O Little Town Of Bethlehem
Young At Heart
Healed And Whole
Dear Weary Military Personnel
A Joyful Heart
The Greatest Gift
If Only We Believe
Happy Go Lucky Day
An Old Lady's Poem
My Crucified Lord
The Spiritual Race
There Is A Reason
Mary's Wash Day
We Begin Ane
Tried And Tested
The Lord Delivered Me
He Will Parden
Handfuls Of Purpose
Dawns Friend
The Valentine Reward
While We Are Apart
I Believe In You
Looking Back
Only God And Me
Remember When
I'm Painting Now The Picture
Chocolate River
How Many Friends Do You Have
Encourage One Another
Mutual Peace
My Pride And Joy
One Day At A Time
Patience And Prayer
Words Fitly Spoken
Do You Want A Mansion
Reaching Out
A Change In My Life
In Gratitude
The Broken Shell
Come Walk With Me
Green Pastures
God Walks The Night Hours
Apple Of His Eye
Road To Heaven
A Glimpse Of Hunger
I Can't Thank You Enough
Christ's Love
My Bible
The Prayer Warrior
The Family Of God
A Sinners Plea
Eternal Spring
Cash Cards And Christmas
The Final Inspection
Essence Of An Angel
Just A Seed Of Faith
The Common Thread
Easter Awakening
Ode To Finals Week
Glimpse Of Heaven
Reach Out
Choose Jesus
Gerald Dee
I Asked The Lord To Bless You
How To Be A Daddy
Do Not Give Up
You're Going To Have Problems
The Strength Of A Man
Author Unknown
The First Christmas Tree
Mother Of Mine
I Love You Like
Missing You At Christmas
I've Got Your Back
Love Is When
Big To'do
Vacation Time
Lower Me
Nice Person
12 Naked Ladies
A Shoulder To Lean On
Song Of Mary
I Will Remember You
I Observed The Sky
I'm Asking For Your Help Lord
Fear Not
My Unfinished Poem
One Of The Flock
Forgotten Light
Golden Opportunity
Ever'flowing Cup
Master Plan
Perfect Arrangement
Jesus Is My Shepherd
His Awesome Garden
Mundane Miracles
Boomer's Revenge
A Child Of Love
Legend Of The Daffodil
Ground Him By Your Side
If You Were Here
Christmas In Tucson Arizona
Your Life Is Jesus To Someone
Don't Have A Clue
At Lazarus Tomb
New Life
Just A Vessel In Your Hands
The Helpdesk Prayer
Always There Dad
Somebodys Mother
The Jigsaw Puzzle
Election Poetry
I'm Never Alone
God Said No
The Great Physician
No One Else
Let There Be Peace
Christmas Locket
Everything To Gain
Let Me
The Conqueror
A Perfect Day
The Banquet
My Pathway
O' Worship Him
Storms In Life
Romance On My Mind
A Wayward Son
A Special Kind Of Man
Oh What A Day
Ditto--Love Poem
My Colors Never Run
A Golden Chain
God's Artwork
He Makes No Mistakes
I Am A Child Of God
What Do Angels Look Like
I Hold My Bible In My Lap
His Kingdom In You Abounds
Second Opinion--(Humor)
Ode To My God
See You Through
Every Cloud
Autumn Glory
Wind And Rain
Your Terrible Freedom
Can't Sleep
Walk A Mile
Balanced Life
Do Not Be Ashamed In Your Time Of Need
Last Words
More Wipped Cream
Teach Me
Gods Other Blessings
Bind The Strongman
Her Thoughts
My Legacy
Christmas Bells
The Spirit Of Christmas
He Walks Beside Me
Rejoice In The Lord
My Dream
Seeking Angels
Yew Kin Quote Me On That--(Humorous--Good Message)
I Am Excited To Tell You
The Clothes Line
Thy Law
You Are Important
The Tear's Majestic Beauty
Perfect Gift
An Old Friend
Month After Christmas
Just A Cop
Simpler Things
Drought--Growing A Different Crop
The Crayon Box That Talked
The Last Road
Turn Back
The Day After Christmas--Humor
Safe With You
Coping With Depression
My Kind Of Morning
The Lesson
I Wonder
From Here To Eternity
Words Words Words
The Singers
There's A Difference
A Purpose
Forgotten Fighter
Baby Jesus Poems
Heaven Is Free
Oh How I Love You
My Lord Is This Your Will
Today Poem
I See Jesus
A Gift Of Love
A Tale Of True Love
The Shadow Of Your Wings
Fields Of Blessings On Father's Day
Like A Roller Coaster
Faith Of A Child
A Lesson In Love
Who And Why Is God
My Light At Dawn
New Years Race
How Precious The Death Of His Saints
Prayer For Patience
Today I
Love Never Fails
Boot Camp
The Perfect Church
He Has Risen
My Sun And Shield
Ordinary Angels
Please Revive Us
Merry Penguins Three
Shining For Jesus
Gods Masterpiece
A Thought For Father's Day
Celestial Moments
Always Remember
Broken Before The Lord
If Only You Could See
A Hallway Spider
Twas The Night Before Christmas--Mom Style
He Grew The Tree
Goodnight Kiss
The Flames Are Out
Teach Me Thy Will
Reaping Later Than You Sow
I Found God Today
Storms Of Life
O Death Where Is Your Sting
Beyond The Gate
You Took Satan's Bait
Rod--The Lion'hearted Kitten--(Funny--Good Message)
Another Walk With Me
The Puzzle Piece
Sammi Girl
Speak To Me In Simple Words
Amateurs Of Love
The Never Ending Story
Jesus Loves You
Prayer In Troubled Times
Take A Walk With Me
Walking Life's Trails
To God I Offered Praise
Night Feast
God's Word
Ashes For Beauty
Twas The Night
A Thought For Valentine's Day
My Special List
Alone At Sunset
Trusting God To Watch
The Clothesline Said So Much
The Sand Clock
In His Presence
On My Honor
A Guy For Me
Rise And Shine
The Hands Of The Master
A Prayin Man
I Will Arise
He Is
Life's Daily Doses
Not Yet
Birth Of Easter
Under Jesus Care
Doctor Suess Chicken
Christmas'time Nostalgia
Restoration Vision
The Wise Old Owl
Tears In The Water
An Easter Prayer
The Living Sacrifice
The Cold Within
Do Not Worry--Let God
The Beauty Of Jesus
The Wake Up Call
A Virteous Woman
Velvet Shackles
The Quitter
America--I Believe In You
The Evergreen's Rose
Do Not Bring Me Flowers
Just A Box Of Crayons
Words To Live By
A Brighter Day
ASAP--Always Say A Prayer
Hard Rain
If We Have To Stand
The Armor Of God
Before Christmas--The Ranch
Today I Taught
The Road
My And Me
The Shulamite Woman
Speak Gently
The Broken Tree
Gods Seeds
God Bless'my Computer
Happy Valentine's Day
He Is The Answer
Whispers From Our Lord
Rescued By The Master
Little Bit Hidden
I Like It Like That
My Divinity
A Merry'go'round
A Peacock Tale--(Humorous)
Take A Moment To Listen Today
Count It All Joy
Soldiers Christmas Poem
Empty Churches
New Beginnings
I Am Here
To Touch The Heart
A Father's Love
To My Husband
Keep Our Eyes On Jesus
A Hug From God
It's Me My Love
Father Plants A Garden
Memory Mall
Let It Snow
Untold Velocity
A Dinner Of Thanksgiving
I'm In The Closet On My Knees
In Him I Live And Move
Mortality's Illusion
Treasures In The Attic
Tell Me Why
A Lamp Unto My Feet
Forgiveness Is Sweet
A Mother--A Daughter
New Hope
For This We Pray
Misunderstood--Knowing God
The Sands Of Christmas
When We Share
Spending Springtime In Heaven
A Loving Father
She Feels It
He Knows Your Name
God's Storehouse
Christmas Reality
Tell Others I'm Coming
Thoughts Of Home
Julie Ambrose
The Shape Of Love
Moving Mountains
Quiet Nights
Letting Go
Alabama Morning
Jesus Forgives
Your Emotions
Little Angel
A God Worth Serving
Why God Made Us
Azalea Cardinals
The Chance For Change
Bonzo For Congress
Feathered Faith
I Have A Bird In Spring
A Friend Like No Other
Senescent Adolescent
Praise--For Christian Mothers
Gods Gift Of Angels
A Pastor's Pep Rally
Gift Of Grandparents
An Oyster
If I Had Not Met Him
Shine On
Twas The Day After Christmas
Rhyme To The Lonely
My Prayer
The Wonder Of Elderly Years
Another Year Is Dawning
Christmas At Sea
Beauty For Ashes
Politically Correct Christmas
A Thanksgiving Thought
When I Meet My Savior
Clearly Through The Tear
Peaceful Slumber
The Laugh Of Faith
Problems In Life
About Your Angels
Just Remember
Gentle Goodbye
The Invitation
Spring Creation From God
Communion Memories
Last Chance To Weep
Final Decision
Living Through His Love
Gods Helpers
A Dog's Soul
Golden Sunbeams
Foregiveness Lesson
The Daisy's Story
Angels Above
Midnight Song
Look To The Cross
The Sentry
One More Favor
Secret Service
Do Angels Know
Prayer Of Jabez
A Visit To The Stable
A Work'a'holic's Lament
My Daddy
Forgive And Forget
Turn My Life Around
A One Word Prayer
Someone--Somewhere--(Pain Relief Through Prayer)
Have Patience
Index Cards
Before I Was A Mom
Christmas Is Over
A Mothers Prayer
On Graduation Day
My Shepherd
Sugarplum Dreams
Cuddlin Time
My After Christmas Christmas
That First Pair
Walking In His Steps
View Of The Cross
I'm Glad You Were Willing
You Made My Day
Painting The Picture
The Haves And The Have'nots
Lifes Solution
Clancy's Gold
My Child I Am Here
A Day Up River
Jesus Is A Fisherman
Victorious Attitude
Twelve Disciples And Me
Rudolph's Awesome Yule'rule
Gods Special Angels
The Ultimate Love Letter
Easter Faithfulness
In A Land Of Sand
Christmas Reflection
A Letter To Grandma
Another Day
A Thanksgiving State Of Mind
Fulfilled Dreams
It's My Pity Party
On Cherub's Wing
Fill Me With Your Compassion
Now In School
Build It--He Will Come
Strength To Cope
A Prayer Of Faith
Enduring The Storms Of Life
Broken Dreams
Help Me To Remember To Forgive
May Jesus
The Artist
Happy Valentine's Day--Sally Sue
The Handwriting On The Wall
A Tribute To My Stepmother
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
Thank You Lord
Weep Not O' Gentle Christian
When I'm Called Home
Thanksgiving--Without You
Your Home
What You Will Be
The Secret
Say What
Finishing The Job
It Is All Right--Crying
Quiet Time With God
Our MOM Was The Best Mom
Discover The Joy
Paper Kisses
A Christmas Prayer
Live For Today
Every Day
A Tribute To Fathers
Authored By Grace
Bell Ringers Of The Soul
Morning Light
A Scandal Echoed
Faults Security
The Upward Climb
Wreck On Highway 109
I Believe
Eyes That Weep
Do Not Think--Just Let Him Work
Seal Of Approval
If Jesus Came To Your House
The Big One
Rudolph's Best Pal
Once Saved
Let Me Bend
Difference Between Fathers And Daddies
Judge Gently
A Memorial Day Poem

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